Promare movie plot

2022-03-12 08:01
The mutant "Burner" who has manipulated flames due to mutation has caused half of the world to be scorched by fire and plunged into an unprecedented situation. Thirty years after that, a group of radicals called the "Crazy Burners" attacked the world again. In order to suppress the fire caused by them, Gu Lei, the administrator of the Autonomous Republic of Promepolis, organized a high-mobility life-saving fire brigade "Flame Fire Brigade" for "Burners". Gallo, a newcomer to the fire brigade who works for the "Flame Fire Squad" and has the soul of extinguishing fire, meets Leo, the leader of the "Crazy Burners", the wanted arsonist terrorist, and the two have a fierce conflict. Two fiery souls collide with each other, and this duel will lead to an unpredictable ending.
On the Great Fire of the World——The unprecedented situation that caused half the world to be burned down is a human race that was able to manipulate flames and was born due to a sudden mutation.
Thirty years later, some of the aggressive people in attacked the world again under the name of .
In order to extinguish the fire caused by , KrayForesight, the administrator of Prome Polis of the autonomous republic, formed a high-mobility emergency fire brigade for Burnish.
During a fire in a high-rise building, Galo Thymos, a rookie with the soul of fire extinguishing, and Lio Fotia, the leader of the , a wanted Yanshang terrorist, met and collided violently. Galo succeeded in arresting Lio, and his exploits were recognized by Kray—for Galo, Kray was his childhood savior and dream hero—and Galo was delighted.
However, Lio and the cadres of Gueira and Reis escaped with who were caught together. Galo, who followed closely behind, finally came to their base, where he saw the appearance of the s who were desperately trying to survive. Also, Lio told Galo the shocking facts surrounding .
What exactly is right-
At this moment, Galo and the others learned of the existence of a "certain plan" that was being implemented around the world—— 
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Extended Reading
  • Dora 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    To be honest, there is only one problem with PROMARE, but it is also fatal: he is obviously compressed from a much more obvious and larger original case. In order to preserve the final battle, the audience may have to endure the author's extravagant behavior of "feeding you a grape with your left hand and throwing a bunch of grapes with your right" in the first two-thirds of the film. Still, in a certain state of mind, even that discarded part can eventually come together into one great stretch experience, and now that's all I want to record.

  • Lucinda 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    The powerful and unreasonable art style (Vapor Wave Enhanced Edition?) can make people not to pursue all kinds of immortals in the setting plot (or Deus Ex Machina mentioned in it?), maybe this is the era of Hyperreality and traditional pursuits The biggest difference in the aesthetics of Mimic Realism (another real?), anyway, the last kiss made me understand that this is the Hyper GV of the digital age.

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