Pulse movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
At first glance, this is a story about a ghost destroying human beings in order to occupy the world, but director Kurosawa did not fall into the stereotype. The real enemy that people face in this film is not an alien ghost, but a sense of loneliness that cannot be escaped and overcome. The rhythm of the development of the film's story is controlled just right. The gradually expanding situation is accompanied by the looming crisis, which gradually deepens the accumulation of horror, and the sudden background music also contributes to the horror atmosphere. The film succeeded in triggering the audience's panic, but the film.
One is Ryosuke, a college student, and the other is Michi, an ordinary office girl who lives a single life. Around the two of them, changes have occurred quietly and unknowingly since I don't know when.
Mizhi's colleague committed suicide, the boss of the company disappeared, and then lovers, friends, and family gradually disappeared one by one. On the other hand, on the Internet screen that Ryosuke usually fiddles with, even if no operations are performed, the computer screen The message "Want to see a ghost?" also appeared on the top of the page, and an unusual-looking person with a black pocket was pressing against Ryosuke.
Feeling unwell, Ryosuke went to college classmate Chunjiang to discuss with doubts. Chunjiang specializes in the mysterious Internet phenomenon. However, in the continuous abnormal changes, the classmates, researchers, including Chunjiang, disappeared one by one.
Chaos is growing faster and faster, and with the Internet as a medium, an invisible panic that people can't explain is beginning to envelope the entire society. Ryosuke and Michi meet on the ruined street, and they challenge this terrible horror.
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Extended Reading
  • Electa 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Kiyoshi Kurosawa loves to jump off buildings and falls. .

  • Shane 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    I can't find any flaws in this film.

Pulse quotes

  • Harue Karasawa: I've always wondered what it was like to die, from when I was really little. I was always alone.

    Ryosuke Kawashima: Any parents or family?

    Harue Karasawa: Sure, but they're irrelevant.

    Ryosuke Kawashima: Right.

    Harue Karasawa: That after death, you live happily with everyone over there.

    Ryosuke Kawashima: Can we stop talking about this?

    Harue Karasawa: But it may be true.

    Ryosuke Kawashima: Sure, but...

    Harue Karasawa: Then in high school it dawned on me, you might be all alone after death too.

    Ryosuke Kawashima: There's no way to know, how could you know?

    Harue Karasawa: The idea was so terrifying, I couldn't even bear it, that nothing changes with death, just right now, forever. Is that what becoming a ghost is about?

  • Ryosuke Kawashima: What have ghosts to do with us? Besides, we're alive.

    Harue Karasawa: Then who are they?

    [turns on monitors]

    Harue Karasawa: Are they really alive? How are they different from ghosts?


    Harue Karasawa: In fact, ghosts and people are the same, whether they're dead or alive.

    Ryosuke Kawashima: It's not right, it's wrong. They're all crazy! Nobody knows what happens when you die, all this about ghosts, but I won't believe in them even if I see one.

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