Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos movie plot

2022-03-05 08:02
After a series of thrilling adventures, the swordsman Puss embarks on a new. This time he came to a vast and magnificent wasteland, and when he was riding Gallop , he was stopped by a group of heavily armed soldiers. After verifying his identity, the swordsman Puss was taken into a magnificent and solemn palace and met Princess Alexandra Bellagamba. The princess frowned and looked sad, because the Molten Core ruby ​​on her crown had been stolen by the Whispering Thief from France. In pursuit of the Whispering Bandit, the guards capture three of the bandit's henchmen -- three super cute kittens that seem innocent enough. But the princess and the guards call them demons, and the princess asks the swordsman Puss to ask the Whispering Bandit's lair from the kitten's mouth and retrieve the gem. The swordsman boot cat readily agreed, but he despised the three scheming kittens in front of him. 
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  • Axel 2022-04-19 09:03:05

    The little gray cat is naturally dumb http://www.acfun.tv/v/ac305339/index.html

  • Carter 2022-03-05 08:02:00

    It looks better than the original film, isn't it?

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