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2022-06-26 22:21
After leaving journalism, director Betsy West interviewed prominent women like Justice RBG during the production of the documentary series Creators: The Women Who Made America. Later, when Betsy West noticed that Justice Ginsburg was gradually becoming a representative of a new generation of young women active in the political arena, West wanted to make a film to reveal Ginsburg's career, so he decided to With the documentary "RBG". The film was produced over three years using extensive archival material, combined with interviews with Justice Ginsburg's family, friends and colleagues, as well as interviews with the justice himself   .
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RBG quotes

  • Bill Clinton: She did something I'm not sure I could have done: she made real friendship with


    Bill Clinton: Scalia.

  • Antonin Scalia: Why don't you call us the Odd Couple?

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: He is a very funny fellow.

    Antonin Scalia: She's a very nice person, she likes opera - what's not to like?... Except her views of the law, of course.

    [Both Ginsburg and Scalia, as well as the crowd, laugh]

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