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2021-10-13 18:31
"Rear Window" is one of the masterpieces of suspense films. The film successfully created an atmosphere of horror and suspense, and vividly unearthed the voyeuristic psychology and desire hidden deep in the individual's heart  . The film contains all the skills and techniques that Hitchcock is good at, and it is also the film with the most vivid expression of the "voyeur" theme. The film not only allows the audience to see the hidden side of life and human nature, but also provides a model that can be imitated for many later film directors  .
"Rear Window" combines voyeurism and murder with interest, and is a model of Hitchcock's later works. The murder behind ordinary life, with a slightly dark side of humor, ingenious story design, and unexpected and unpredictable ending are deeply imprinted by Hitchcock's works. At the beginning of the film, a large voyeuristic portrayal is leisurely and contented, without the harshness of most thrilling films. The next episode turned ups and downs, and all the clues were waiting for the audience to speculate. In addition, the plot design of Jeffery's use of flash to delay the time also shows the director's ingenuity  .
"Rear Window" is one of the greatest movies in the world  . It is a movie with many institutions, but it is difficult for the audience to find any institutions  . The film not only contains thinking about the desire to peep, but also involves a deep understanding of love. In the movie, the audience can see lonely single women and musicians, a young and loving couple and salesman couple who quarrel every day, as well as Jeffery and Lisa who are constantly arguing about their marriage. The film is actually a trilogy of love and marriage: unmarried people are lonely and lonely, newly married people are happy and sweet, and those who have suffered from long-term marriages are uninterested  .
In "Rear Window", Hitchcock carried forward his condensed style and persistence in film narrative methods. Although there is no textual description in the first scene at the beginning, the audience understands through the film lens that the protagonist is a photojournalist. This kind of expression technique is the purest film narrative technique, but the condensed style does not mean simple and monotonous. Regarding the activities of the residents in the apartment building opposite the protagonist in "Rear Window", Hitchcock has repeatedly shown through the lens from the panorama to the details one by one, but most of the plots are in line with the main story of the film-the wounded photographer found and tracked down A wife murder case has nothing to do with it. This movie does not tell a thrilling crime story in a fast-paced manner, because in addition to the murder, the main theme of the movie is the "voyeurism" of the male protagonist in real life. Although there are only a few shots, Hitchcock is full of interest in telling no less than ten short stories, showing a condensed social picture  .
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Rear Window quotes

  • [describing a dress]

    Lisa Fremont: A steal at $1,100.

    L.B. Jefferies: Eleven hundred? They ought to list that dress on the stock exchange.

  • L.B. Jefferies: She's like a queen bee with her pick of the drones.

    Lisa Fremont: I'd say she's doing a woman's hardest job: juggling wolves.

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