Reds [Movies that don't deserve the Oscars]

2022-02-02 08:16
Whenever a big director spends a lot of money to express a big theme with big stars and make a big movie, it can often lead to cheers, but such movies often live up to their name, and "Reds" is a good example. Henry Warren Beaty brought in Jack Nicholson , Annie and Eugene Allen Hackman for the film , chose the Russian Revolution as the theme of the film, and it did get good results. In 1982, the film was nominated for nine Oscars and won a best director statuette for Henry Warren Beaty . That same year, Hugh Hudson was nominated, and Spielberg came to prominence, but it was Henry Warren Beaty who won .
John Redo is a well-known leftist journalist in the United States. In the 1920s, he went to the Soviet Union to interview and report, and wrote the famous "Ten Days That Shocked the World". "Reds" was filmed based on the real experience of Redo.
Movie summary:
Act 1: レド Redo and Louise Bryant meet in Portland .
Act Two: Intellectual life in Greenwich Village in the 1910s . レド Redo and Louise were drawn to thinkers like Eugene O'Neal and Emma Goldman.
Act Three: レドRedo and Louise accept the influence of the Russian Revolution.
Act 4:レド Redo tries to establish a Communist Party in America.
Act 5:レドRedo comes to Russia to accept the help of the Bolsheviks to promote socialism. Redo Redo died in 1920 at the age of 32.
Five parts are full of messy squabbles, in other words, it's hard to get enough interest in this history. In the first part, the audience has to tolerate long-term flattering inducements. After that, there was a strange love affair between レド Redo and Louise: as they stared at each other, with the climax of the revolution and eighty years of vulgar music, the love between the lovers seemed to come to a head. The second part seems worth watching, and in fact, it would have been much better than the current version if the film had ended before this hiatus, because the atmosphere created by the labor movement was enough to flesh out the film. Maybe Henry Warren Beaty thinks too much, and it is mostly the hallucinatory cognition of the Soviet Union in Western society, so this noisy kaleidoscope is created.
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Extended Reading
  • Vito 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    It's because I didn't learn history well. I really don't understand why the people in the movie are so excited and talk so fast. I probably thought that communism was good, but after experiencing it, I found that it was too different from what I imagined, not as good as capitalism, but unfortunately I can’t go back.

  • Stefanie 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    It's too long...and then it leads to a very running account...seems like this kind of "epic" movie is also popular for a while

Reds quotes

  • Louise Bryant: What as?

    John Reed: Well, it's almost Thanksgiving. You could go as a turkey.

  • Speaker - Liberal Club: What is this war about? Each man will have his own answer. I have mine. I'm ready to be called! Now, tonight we have with us the son of Margaret and the late C.J. Reed of Portland, who has withessed this war first-hand. And I, for one, see no reason why we here at the Liberal Club shouldn't listen to what Jack Reed has to say. What would you say this war is about, Jack Reed?

    John Reed: [stands up] Profits.

    [sits down]

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