Resident Evil: Vendetta movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
"Blood Vengeance (Hong Kong" is the third CG film in the "Resident Evil" series, set in New York and retains the three protagonists   of Leon, Chris and Rebecca. Leon, Chris and Rebecca are three people Finally managed to meet, and decided to work together to stop Glenn Arias' plan to launch a terrorist attack in New York   .
In "Blood Vengeance (Hong Kong"), Rebecca has turned into a university professor. She is investigating an incident of "resurrection of the dead and brutalized". She found that this incident was related to a new virus, and successfully developed an antidote, but just before At a critical moment, Rebecca was attacked, and Rebecca, who almost died, escaped. After that, Rebecca and Chris found Leon together, and at the same time understood the ins and outs of the new virus incident. Leon and Chris who met again , In order to stop Glenn Arias' biochemical plan, the three of them together with Rebecca went to New York to start a new battle   .
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  • Marion 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    Before the big Boss transformed, it was fun to fight with Chris on the rooftop.

  • Ada 2022-04-09 09:01:08

    It doesn't look as cool as the last one, but it's much better than the live-action version.

Resident Evil: Vendetta quotes

  • Chris Redfield: [Responding to Glenn Arias who' on the PA] You belong in a nuthouse, asshole.

    Glenn Arias: Unfortunately, I'm not crazy.

  • Rebecca Chambers: Caramel macchiato? Did you remember the chocolate chips?

    Rebecca's Assistant: And the whipped cream on top.

    Rebecca Chambers: Good boy.

    Rebecca's Assistant: That's dessert, not coffee. You know that, right?

    Rebecca Chambers: Your point?

    Rebecca's Assistant: Nothing. Nothing at all, Professor Chambers.

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