Reversal of Fortune movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
, a wealthy and wealthy American high society , suddenly passed out in the bathroom and became a vegetative state due to brain death due to a coma. Sunny's second husband, Klaus von Blowis suspected of forcibly injecting his wife with insulin because a large amount of insulin was found at Sunny's house, and Sunny herself does not have diabetes. thus charged with murder. Alan DeSuvia Harvard law doctor, defends against pressure from society that Blow is guilty. After an investigation, it turns out that Sonny's first husband was suave. Sonny, the Austrian prince, was very unhappy. After his divorce, he married Blow, and he was not happy either. Sonny's heart is not very good, and she often takes a lot of sleeping pills, which she hides in various places, sometimes in other medicine bottles. Allen took the anesthetic left in the needle to test, and the test result was a large dose of insulin, so he deduced that Sonny had overinjected insulin himself. At this time, Blow finally revealed the truth: Blow had a lover, Sonny was greatly stimulated after learning about this situation, and Blow offered to stay in Europe for a while, and Sonny was extremely annoyed After overdosing on narcotics and insulin, he finally never woke up again. Although Blow was cleared of his charges, it seemed immaterial whether his conscience was clean or not   .
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    Like there is no end, the old man does have a style

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    See I fell asleep. The United States pays more attention to the legality of procedures, including the legality of the procedures for obtaining evidence. Otherwise, even if the evidence can prove the facts, the evidence drama will be overturned. Off topic, Simpson's wife murder case is also a good example.

Reversal of Fortune quotes

  • Sunny von Bülow: [narrating] Claus von Bülow was given a second trial, and acquitted on both counts. This is all you can know, all you can be told. When you get where I am, you will know the rest.

  • Minnie: He says he doesn't have anything that'd help us.

    Alan Dershowitz: You with me?

    Sarah: Paydirt.

    Raj: What's paydirt?

    Alan Dershowitz: He's a lawyer. If he really didn't have anything, he'd give it to us. But there's something there, and he's going to fight like hell to hold onto it.

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