Rogue Trader movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
Nick Leeson, a clerk at Barings Bank in the UK, wanted to be an exchange trader. Make a fortune in the financial world. Everything seemed to be destined, and the opportunity to display his talents came quickly. First, he was sent to Jakarta to deal with a long-shelved bond dispute. Such a task was a piece of cake for Nick, and things died down quickly. Fortunately, he also met the young and beautiful Lisa there, and the two fell in love at first sight. They soon arranged a wedding and became a couple. The new expenses after the marriage made Nick work harder. With his own cleverness, he soon discovered that using the difference between the client's futures account opening margin and maintenance margin for turnover is a means of making a fortune. After a stock loss, Nick repeated his old tricks, and the situation was not optimistic. Fortunately, the Nikkei futures he held rose all the way, finally covering the loss. His wife turned pale when she learned of this, and Nick promised not to take such a risk again. Nick was named the general manager of Barings Bank's Singapore Futures Company because of the high fee income generated by the amazing transaction volume, and became the envy of his peers. Soon after, he became the "ace" trader on the exchange. Nick's trades got bigger and bigger, but there were occasional misses. To this end, he set up a wrong account 88888, in order to temporarily store those wrong transactions, but gradually, the wrong account was repurposed in Nick's hands. He included his failed trades to cover losses. With the promotion of his position, his pressure is also increasing. He is busy with work all day, and inadvertently ignores his newly married wife. Nick didn't realize this fact until Lisa neglected to take care of the miscarriage.
But it's too late, and Nick's gamble is getting so big that it's out of control. He does deceit every day and lives a life of fear. Finally, during a company audit, Nick's erroneous account was exposed. This time he will face not just losing a job but spending the rest of his life in prison. Under all irreversible defeats, Nick and Lisa chose to flee. Just as they were proud to be able to escape, the police showed up on the plane and Nick was arrested. Nick was sentenced to six years in prison on multiple charges, but was released after four years in prison after being diagnosed with cancer in a Singapore jail. But at this time, his beautiful wife Lisa has moved away. 
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    Barings Bank Risk Management Fund Transactions Financial Management

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Rogue Trader quotes

  • [Nick and Lisa are fleeing Asia on a flight to Frankfurt]

    Nick Leeson: Did you say we stop at Abu Dhabi?

    Lisa Leeson: Yeah.

    Nick Leeson: That's where they cut your hands off.

    Lisa Leeson: Oh, don't be ridiculous. They'd just stone you.

    [they start laughing hysterically]

    Nick Leeson: Poor old Barings, eh? That's what you get for hiring the wrong sort of person.

  • German Policeman: [checking Lisa's passport] Where is your man?

    Nick Leeson: [stepping foward] I'm her man.

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