Romance & Cigarettes movie plot

2022-06-26 16:37
Bridge builder Nickis in middle age and is getting tired of the same routine and boring life. Hot and unrestrained redhead Tulabursts into Nick's world just in time to rekindle his passion and become madly infatuated with this elusive stunner. Nick's wife, Katieis a stoic good wife and mother who cuts clothes to make ends meet, and takes care of her husband and three rebellious daughters. Nick's infidelity disappoints Katie, and the ensuing quarrel pushes their marriage to the brink of rupture. Going around in circles, walking and stopping, just when the dewy marriage disappeared, Nick came to his senses and missed the warmth of starting a family. 
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Romance & Cigarettes quotes

  • Baby: Dad?

    Nick Murder: Yeah.

    Baby: I'm going into wedlock.

  • Nick Murder: Would you give me one more chance? Please? I'll do anything! Anything! I'll give you anything! I love you. Maybe I don't know how to show it like they do in the movies or in books but I love. I have love to give.

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