Roots movie plot

2022-03-14 08:01
In 1750, in the Republic of The Gambia in West Africa; Gambia , a black baby boy was born, and Omoro proudly named his son Quinta Kent. Bina and Omoro watched with great relief as their son grew up day by day. 16-year-old Kent, along with other boys, left his family to learn survival skills in the forest with respected elders of the tribe. Unfortunately, Kent was caught by a white slave trader while out on a solo trip.
At the age of 17, Kent was deprived of his freedom, rights and dignity as a human being by a Roots rope chain, and was savagely carried on a ship to the American continent like an animal. He left the familiar drums, the familiar black Africa. Left his parents, relatives, and people around him with the same fate,
A humiliating and tragic slave life began. From this moment on, however, the flame for freedom burned so intensely and persistently in Quinta Kent's heart.
On the ship, Quinta Kent and other black people were brutally abused. Arriving at the destination Annapolis , Quinta was sold to Reynolds, the tobacco estate owner of the Commonwealth of Virginia . Reynolds stipulated that black slaves could not use their original names, and Quinta was renamed Toby. It was here that Quinta met his first and only friend in life, Vedra. When Quinta learned that his beloved girlfriend Fanta had been sold to another estate less than 20 miles away from him, he decided to flee, find Fanta, and go back to Africa together. However, during his escape, he was captured by Amis and was tortured under the scorching sun. Amis also forces Quinta to admit that his name is Toby.
In 1776, at the age of 26, Quinta Kent's dream of freedom was still strong. However, this escape cost him five toes on his right foot, making it impossible for him to escape. Christophe Berra, a black slave girl, took good care of him and encouraged him to stand up and move his feet. In the past two years, Quinta became the manor owner's coachman and learned some secrets of the manor owner, for example, the manor owner and his brother's wife had an affair in the suburbs. With Federa's help, Quinta and Christophe Berra married. Quinta still planned to escape in order to fight for his freedom, but because Christophe Berra was pregnant, Quinta had to give up the last chance of his life painfully.
In 1806, Quinta and Christophe Berra 's daughter Kath was already a 16-year-old girl. Kath falls in love with black slave Joakim Noah . And Joakim Noah, unwilling to be his slave, decides to run away. Just when the Kath family was secretly happy for Joakim Noah who escaped, Joakim Noah was taken back to the manor. Kath, who was supposed to be a valet for Miss Anne, was sold to another estate owner, Massa Mora, for helping Joakim Noah escape. That night, Massa Mora raped Kath.
More than two decades later, Kath's son, Chekin George, is the father of two children, who still live at the Martha Mora estate. Chekin George has never understood his own background, and feels that Martha Mora is as good to her as a father, and her mother, Kath, warns her son not to believe Martha Mora's nonsense and promises. Kath finally told her son, Martha Mora, that he was his father. Only then did Chekin George recognize the face of the old villain.
In order to pay off Massa Mora's debts, Chekin George was sent to England to serve on the condition that he would be a free man upon his return. Seventeen years later, George returned to his wife's side. His son and daughter have grown up, and his relatives have mixed feelings when they meet each other. Son Tom is a blacksmith and is already the father of two children. However, George's certificate of freedom, viewed by two racially racist white men in town as a scumbag, deeply stabbed the father and son duo. George bids farewell to his wife and children again to find their true freedom. At this time the American Civil War broke out.
The American Civil War ended, the South lost, slavery was abolished, and black slaves were truly free in law. The owner of the manor, Martha Harvey, was leaving the manor, and he told the blacks to stay at the manor or go with him. The Tom family decided to stay in the manor in order to wait for the return of their father George. One night, several masked men set fire to the Tom family. Tom and a few lads searched for the masked men, but were beaten badly. Father George suddenly appears in front of the family, and they punish Evan Brun for his evildoers. The whole family set off to a new place to open up their own homeland. George told his descendants one by one about the history of the family's Black Africa, and let them remember this name forever - Quinta Kent!
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    The longest play I've ever watched

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    I watched it many times as a kid.

Roots quotes

  • Kunta Kinti: What's snow, Fiddler?

    Fiddler: Never you mind, boy, never you mind. Let's get on back to home. I got enough trouble teaching you the difference between manure and massa. 'Course there ain't all that much difference when you gets right down to it.

  • Omoro, Kunta's father: [holding his infant son up to starry sky] Kunta Kinte, behold the only thing greater than yourself!

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