Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
1864, Kyoto at the end of the Tokugawa period. The 15-year-old HIMURA KENSHIN performed the task of "Tianzhu" neatly and neatly. When he assassinated Jubei Shigekura, Shigekura, the director of Kyoto, a young man drew a Scar on his cheek . Maybe it's because of this young man's strong will to survive, "It's hard to heal wounds attached to resentment."
Next is the fateful encounter: in the alley outside the tavern, HIMURA KENSHIN is sniped. When he killed his opponent, blood splattered on the white collar of Tomoe Yukishiro who was passing by . Tomoe Yukishiro looked directly at him: "You really brought--a bloody storm .
"In the rainy night, the scent of white plum mixed with the smell of blood wafted. This sentence undoubtedly gave Kenshin a huge shock. This time, HIMURA KENSHIN did not kill anyone, but brought the unconscious Aba to the place where the reformers stayed in Kyoto, Xiaodi. Ba, who had nowhere to go, stayed behind. "If I had a knife in my hand, would you have killed me? "Kim Sum's answer is "No, I won't kill you under any circumstances." "
After the Ikedaya Incident, the Restoration Force was hit hard, and Kyoto became the place where the Shinsengumi massacred. In order to preserve their strength, Gui arranged for Jianxin and Aba to live temporarily as husband and wife in a suburban farmhouse. The peaceful and warm rural life has brought the two people closer together. Ba finally revealed his life experience. It turned out that her fiancé, Kiyosato, was killed in Kyoto, and she came to Kyoto because she regretted failing to prevent him from going. However, Bain admits that the one who killed Kiyosato was Kenshin, who was HIMURA KENSHIN , and she participated in the assassination plan of HIMURA KENSHIN, and was arranged by his side to find weaknesses.
There is only a thin line between love and hate. The sword heart who puts down the sword every day is as clear as a child, and even the original intention of drawing the sword is a simple and bright prayer. All these have shaken Ba, who originally believed that HIMURA KENSHIN is a demon, and they are dependent on each other. Life in the field is becoming more and more gentle, and the tranquility of a paradise in the chaotic world makes Ba only hope to protect the little happiness of the two together with Jian Xin. But the enemy who has been waiting for the opportunity has already set up the Shura field in the forest . "If HIMURA KENSHIN does not have a weakness, we will help him create one. You are his biggest weakness right now." Kenshin, who was told that Ba was a traitor , suffered a heavy blow. TowardsThe forest went all the way, swinging the sword towards each enemy, but there was only the figure of Ba in his heart. Finally dragged the severely injured body to the last level, lost all six senses, and only supported by the thought and instinct of wanting to see Ba ​​again. 
Die without regret. Ba Wei Jianxin blocked the fatal attack, but was hit by the blade and lost her life. When Yi Jianxin was about to die, she smiled and said softly, "I'm sorry, husband." Before, many fans understood this sentence as two words, but the actual situation is that the author's original intention is to praise and cherish the present represented by Jianxin and downplay the past and hatred represented by the former fiancé, so the word husband is only a reference to reality. The apology of the real husband (HIMURA KENSHIN) is out of his own deceit and malice towards him. Between these two men, the first man she loved died due to lack of fate, and the second man she loved with all her heart was a mortal enemy. Because the second man is more pure and complex in human nature, and his love is purer and deeper. The sentence "I will protect you" was finalized in the winter snow, and Tomoe Yukishiro fell in love with Kenshin. 
In the end, Ba's dagger slid across Jianxin's face, intertwined with the old scar, becoming a cross wound, cutting off his past hatred and regrets, and pinning his wish on Jianxin to let go of his burden and regain his freedom. It was from that moment that Kenshin decided to live a good life and stop killing people in the new era. The flying sword will only be wielded to protect life. This is a promise to Pakistan and to all the undead who died under the sword. The cross wound has also become a lingering pain in Jian Xin's heart, which permeates his reminiscence and love for Ba.
There was such a haiku about "Remembrance" in the magazine that year, which was translated into a word by netizens with great charm:
Drink the wine on the moon, and the wind will gradually move. At the end of spring, the red cherry blossoms and the stars in the summer, Su Zhan is alone and left out in the cold, and the long sword is sharp.
Haoyueren is only a shadow, a lonely life. The white plums are stained with blood and jade fat, and the star frost is transformed into a cross.
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  • Stone 2022-03-17 08:01:01

    Ah, I loved this man and hated this woman a few years ago, it was really good

  • Norwood 2022-03-17 08:01:01

    Every time I look at it, I can touch the weakest part of my soul

Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal quotes

  • Tomoe: So you kill people that you think should die. Or rather, you've entrusted that decision to your leaders.

  • Kenshin: It's better that I do not know why they should die. Doing so would disrupt my concentration.

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