Sadako vs. Kayako movie plot

2022-05-15 15:51
In order to help her parents prepare gifts for their wedding anniversary, college girl Ueno Natsumiasks her friend Kurahashi Yurito help burn the wedding video to DVD. Unexpectedly, in the process of purchasing a medieval video recorder, they accidentally started the legendary curse video, which was a video of the curse that Yamamura Sadako called to tell him that he would die in two days. After watching the video, Natsumi was cursed by Yamamura Sadako., a professor who specializes in urban legends , but the situation developed in an unexpected direction; at the same time, Suzuka, a high school girl who moved because of her parents' work transfer , She moved to the opposite side of Saeki's house with her parents and set foot in the "cursed house" whose whereabouts are unknown. Suzuka was very concerned about the disappearance of the elementary school student, so she became the target of Kayako Saeki and his son Toshio. In order to lift the curse of the two female ghosts and save the two cursed girls, the heretical mage Tokiwa Sutsuzocame up with a plan to make Yamamura Sadako fight Kayako Saeki, and decided to let Yamamura Sadako and Kayako Saeki come An unprecedented battle of evil spirits .   
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