Serial Mom production and distribution

2022-10-10 10:34
Production Cost: $13,000,000 (estimated)
Copyright: Savoy Pictures
Camera: Panaflex Camera and Lenses by Panavision
Filming format: 35 mm
Printing Format: 35 mm
BMG Video [Germany]
Guild Film Distribution Ltd. [UK]
Home Box Office (HBO) Home Video [US]
LW Editora [Brazil]
Laurenfilm SA [Spain]
Look Filmes [Brazil]
Roadshow Entertainment Video [Australia]
Roadshow Entertainment [Australia]
Versátil [Brazil]
other companies:
Animal Actors Inc. [US]
Gala Catering Inc. [US]
Inter Video [US]
Saul Zaentz Film Center [US]
Washington Source for Lighting [USA]
Windswept Pacific Entertainment Co. [US]
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Serial Mom quotes

  • [Juror #8 is talking on a payphone when Beverly grabs the receiver from her]

    Beverly Sutphin: You can't wear white after Labor Day!

    Juror #8: That's not true anymore.

    Beverly Sutphin: Yes it is! Didn't your mother tell you? Now you know.

    [she whacks her in the face with the phone]

    Juror #8: No! Please! Fashion has changed!

    Beverly Sutphin: No... it hasn't.

    [she hits her again]

  • Policewoman: Bingo, boys! Bust the bitch!

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