Sherlock Gnomes evaluation action

2022-04-16 08:01
"Sherlock Gnomes" is an interesting interpretation of the traditional classics. It not only has the dwarf images of "Sherlock Holmes and Watson", "Romeo and Juliet" and other CP combinations, but also the color and delicate texture of the clay. It also fully reflects the high-quality production level of the film. The lovable and cute image is equipped with detective and adventurous plots, which add a little suspense and tension in addition to being relaxed and cute. The characters of the classic original take off their serious coats in the interesting interpretation of the movie, and use a more friendly form. To deepen the impression of the audience, not only children will be attracted by it, but adults will also be immersed in the positive energy values ​​conveyed.  
The film actually offers more variety than its predecessor, although it still lacks the glib trope of the masses, and the soundtrack by Sir Elton Hercules John also implies its surrender to adult tastes. Nuo Sherlock's brain thinking process is shown in black and white hand-painted, which is still a bit fun.  
There's something humorous about these kid-oriented jokes, but alas, the wit and charm of the original is missing from the movie.
Apart from the shocking stone figures, no audience will bother to figure out what the film is about to tell, and each character is going through the so-called universal rescue routine of an animated movie.  
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Sherlock Gnomes quotes

  • Juliet: The garden can't wait, you can.

  • Sherlock Gnomes: The case can't wait, you can.

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