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2022-03-31 08:01
Shut In is a thriller that begins with a slow, calm rhythm, using a variety of elements to create a plot that attempts to shock others. The film tries to convey a sense of hope, but in reality, it feels absurd and sucks from start to finish. The writers crafted two major turning points around which the story was constructed in reverse, but it didn't work, it didn't show drama, it just made the audience feel stupid. Actress Naomi Watts is excellent, but in this film, there is no worthy performance, and parts of the plot feel vulgar. The film has a very poor sense of rhythm and a protracted plot, which makes people feel that it is at least twice as long as it actually is. The film relies mainly on darkness and sudden appearance of people in creating a horror atmosphere, but this does not make people scream, but just want to yawn. 
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Shut In quotes

  • [last lines]

    Mary: [about his drawing] You want a dog?

    Tom: [yes]

    Mary: Maybe. It's gonna be good.

  • Tom: [only audible lines] SSSHHHH!

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