Sliders movie plot

2022-10-16 20:19
In a basement in San Francisco, genius physicist Quin Mallory accidentally opened a door leading to countless parallel worlds in the process of inventing the "anti-gravity device", and met himself from other worlds. Learned about parallel worlds and "Sliders".
After experiencing this incredible journey first-hand, Queen invites her friend, the little girl, Wade West, and his most respected physics professor, Maximilian Artur, to venture into parallel worlds. He embarks on a parallel world journey with his friends, and a small misoperation drags the hapless "The Cryer" along with his Cadillac from the street into a wormhole.
They came to a San Francisco covered with snow and ice, but encountered a huge tornado. In desperation, they had to end the countdown ahead of schedule and opened the return passage. They didn't want to but fulfilled Quinn's advice from another parallel world "Don't travel while traveling." Adjust the timer in the middle, otherwise there will be unforeseen side effects."
Sure enough, they did not return to their own world, but came to an incredible place.
Things are different, the same city, the same people, but play different roles, Attu A is a civilian general working for the Soviet army, Wade A has become the leader of the resistance organization.
In a world where the course of history after the Korean War has been completely rewritten, imagine: Cold War Soviet victory, The United States of America disintegrates, the Soviet Union invades The United States of America (red alert??)…
In order to rescue Rembrandt, who was arrested for using US dollars, they joined the resistance group "The United States of America" ​​and used their "self" in the parallel world to infiltrate the Soviet prison.
Since then, this group of "Sliders" have been constantly traveling in various parallel worlds, trying to find their way back to their own world while constantly adapting to each world.
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Sliders quotes

  • Quinn Mallory: [season one monologue/opening] What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth? Where anything is possible. Same planet, different dimension. I've found the gateway.

  • Prof. Maximillian P. Arturo: More power, Mr. Mallory!

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