Snabba Cash movie plot

2022-06-24 18:00
Three people living on the fringes of Stockholm: one immigrated from Chile to Sweden as a child, and was involved in the drug business, and no one in the city of Stockholm was more well-connected; the other lived a double life, with the rich and powerful Friends are dealing with drugs while selling; another is a right-hand man under the Yugoslav gang, mainly for the gang boss to collect protection fees for clubs and bars. When these people are engaged in drug sales or criminal activities, because money is too easy to earn, even if they think about going back to live at a real salary level, the society may not accept them, or the easy money is too tempting, the result is often Always go back to the old criminal life   .
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Snabba Cash quotes

  • Jorge: You look like a brat.

    JW: Absolutely.

    Jorge: But you live like a fucking drug addict.

    JW: Good then you should feel right at home, right.

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