Solace movie plot

2021-12-27 08:01
A series of weird and unmotivated serial murders made FBI Special Operations Special Operations Agent Joeand female partner Catherinehelpless. In desperation, they had to invite the reclusive Solace JohnCome out of the arena.
In the process of tracing clues, John Lai’s long-famous psychic ability to read the past and perceive the future was challenged one after another. The serial killerplayed byhiding in the dark seemed to have opened his eyes, not only attacking again, but even Leave a note at the crime scene stating the police's arrival time for provocation.
As the facts of the case gradually became clear, John realized that this serial killer had stronger psychic abilities than himself. The "clues" found in the previous investigation of the case were all deliberately left by the killer. It was in this psychic ability. When the duel was about to fall into a complete defeat, the serial killer took the initiative to show up, linking the murder motive with John's painful past. The disaster has come, how should Solace face this desperate psychic duel   .
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Solace quotes

  • John Clancy: Whatever it is, I happen to get this super-duper deluxe edition of what people now call 'intuition' and 'gut-reaction'.

  • [first lines]

    Joe Merriwether: [sniffing the cigar] Cuban.

    Agent Katherine Cowles: What's the word, Sawyer?

    Agent Sawyer: Looks like a match.

    Agent Katherine Cowles: [holds up three fingers to Merriwether]

    Agent Sawyer: [on the phone] Yeah, it's Joe. We've got a series. Same M O, same signature, no DNA. Not one goddamn shred.

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