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2022-01-25 08:01
Zombie hunting: Not only four children but also a group of older gangsters who regard “zombie hunting” as a heroic behavior, a behavior recognized by the society, which means that they all need to get rid of a certain predicament.
·Railway and forest: a journey full of unknown dangers, but it seems more appropriate to regard them as the alienation and resistance of children. Every child seems to have the same impulse to leave.
·Brother: For Godi, his elder brother is his father, and he is a close friend who can listen to him. His parents are just a cold wall, always, whether before or after the death of Godi's brother. What if God's brother was also a wall? It's hard to imagine, but this will definitely be a more terrifying movie.
·Crying: "Crying" in the movie is a very important clue. In the whole movie, all four boys cry at some time. First of all, "crying" means that these boys are in some sort of predicament and are unwilling to grow up and enter another world. "Crying" also means that these boys were "rejected" for some external reasons, whether it was family or society, in short, they felt lonely and desperate.
·Pie Contest: A very strange way of revenge. For the audience, this is likely to have a certain surrealistic color, but for the children, it is real. Faced with the overwhelming insults of the external world, children who are weak cannot fight back in accordance with the rules of adults, and can only use "vomiting" to fight in the most effective way for them.
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  • Sabrina 2021-10-20 19:01:10

    It's too real. Some friends you spent an unforgettable period with them, but you never got in touch afterwards

  • Jerry 2022-03-23 09:01:16

    Seeing crying, simplicity and simplicity is like the friendship of friends. . People have their own dreams that are beyond reach... "Although he and I have not seen each other for ten years, I know I will miss him forever. I never made friends as good as the group of people when I was twelve years old. , Maybe everyone is like that?"

Stand by Me quotes

  • Chris: [while playing gin rummy] I knock.

    Teddy: What? You liar! You ain't got no pat hand. You didn't deal yourself no pat hand!

    Chris: Make your draw, shit-heap!

  • Gordie: Piss up a rope!

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