Stitchers movie plot

2022-10-22 22:46
A young woman is hired by a secret government organization to participate in a paranormal study. They will go inside the brains of people who have just died and use their memories to investigate murders. They will "spy" into the brains of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murder mystery and crack secrets that, if they don't, will only follow the dead to the grave. Emma Ishta plays Kirsten Clark, a smart but socially awkward heroine who suffers from a rare disease. She has no emotions and no experience of "the passage of time". She is a computer whiz with extraordinary hacking skills. She could have gotten an advanced degree in computer science. But she's in trouble for going public with her roommate and her advisor.
The U.S. government saw her unique skills and chose her to participate in a top-secret government research program. In Kirsten's own words, the project is about hacking into the brains of the dead and reading their memories. She was a little surprised even herself with how well she handled this scary-looking and unpredictable job.
Kyle Harris plays the hero Cameron, the chief technician of the secretive government organization that conducts this top-secret research and the administrator of all scientific staff. The leader of this research project is Maggie, who invited Kirsten to join in the first episode of the first season. Cameron cares about this research and all the researchers, but he has reservations about Maggie choosing Kirsten, a computer hacker, to join the team because a man had nearly died on a mission before. Cameron is passionate about his work, but always follows the rules. Cameron was both angry and hilarious about Kirsten doing things that violated procedure and beyond the scope of his authority in order to save innocent lives. Felix Gomez plays Jerome Smallwood, a computer professor who teaches Kirsten to study computer science. 
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