Student of the Year movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
The road from adolescence to the adult world is often full of thorns and complex emotions. The selection of Student of the year is undoubtedly celebrating the arrival of this colorful era. This is a story that takes place at Santa Teresa High School and revolves around two young men, Abimanyu Singh and Ruan Nanda. The film recounts the rivalry, jealousy, triumphs, defeats, dark boxes and heartbreaking moments in the race for the Student of the year trophy. The story takes a twist and turns when the most popular girl on campus, Shanaya Singana, gets involved in it all.
Ten years later, when the male and female protagonists of the film met again, those past events came to mind, and the grievances and grievances between them also followed the founder of the Student of the year selection---Santa Teresa High School. Provost's Enron's death vanished.
This is an ordinary and ordinary story. Although it is slightly exaggerated in the film, it will undoubtedly not arouse the sighs of us who have gone through the youthful era. Friendship and love are always the eternal topics of adolescence. Tall and handsome boys and young and beautiful girls are always the focus of the campus. When I was young and naive, those troubled things that were incomprehensible and unreasonable gradually evolved into trivial matters with the passage of time. I hope that after watching the film, you can also let go of everything in the past and embrace the good friends who have been with us in those years.
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  • Bennie 2022-03-31 08:01:02

    Very happy! Recommend one! Especially youthful and lively!

  • Anabelle 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    The types of music and dance music are so rich, hip-hop, electronics, and blues. It's just that the plot is too mentally handicapped, and it is generally suitable for young children to watch.

Student of the Year quotes

  • Rohan Nanda: Dreams have no class... no class.

  • Ashok Nanda: Teachers only teach the rules... but winners, winners make the rules.

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