Subway evaluation action

2022-03-16 08:01
"Subway" has a comic strip style, concise dialogue, and is a popular police and gangster film, but in terms of tone, it has the colorful Baroque primary colors "blue and red", and the audience can feel the Luc Besson-style movie "joke, game" meaning.
The point of the movie is not the twists and turns of the plot, but to convey a spirit of freedom. It doesn't care about explaining the plot in every detail, but intercepts the clips of what happened between specific characters in a specific environment and a specific time period. A complete account of the background of the characters, and it doesn't matter whether the full characters of the characters are already well-known to the audience, these are the advantages of "Subway", but it is estimated that it is also the main reason why this film is difficult to be recognized by most people, but fortunately Luc Besson Still showing his excellent narrative skills, if a European director were to shoot it, it would definitely turn it into a dull literary film   .
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Extended Reading
  • Myrna 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    Great rhythm. Until, the sheriff's way of catching the pulley boy was too boring; after that, the sense of rhythm and strength was lost. Like Christopher Lambert's various expressions and Adjani's various makeup~

  • Sandy 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    Even Adjani is very cult

Subway quotes

  • The Singer: [singing] Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

  • The Singer: [singing] How can I keep on smiling at their disguise? When I know nothing good ever comes from lies. My heart is no beginner. But still, I can lose my temper. Yeah. How can we keep on watching that fuckin' TV? We're so bored, we don't even care what we see. Takes our strength away. And never, never shows us the way. No. But I think I know the answer. It's only mystery and I like it.

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