Sui Dhaaga: Made in India movie plot

2022-07-23 18:44
, a young man who helps his uncle run a sewing machine shop, is optimistic and cheerful, and seems to be especially happy to please others. At his uncle's son's wedding, Maggie's giggles and grandstanding make his wife Mamtafeel ashamed and heartbroken. After returning home, Mamta was gloomy and in tears, she persuaded her husband to use his cutting skills to be self-reliant and not humiliate to survive. Moji didn't want to go back to the dark old way of the tailor's grandfather, but he didn't seem to be able to stand his uncle's banter any longer. Finally, after a quarrel, Mokichi resigned in anger. At this time, my mother was sick. With the encouragement of his wife, Moji no longer hesitated, and he decided to run his own tailoring booth, starting from bit by bit. The husband and wife, who have been busy with housework, also took this opportunity to get close to each other. 
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