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2022-07-06 15:08
"Le rayon vert" is a great movie that depicts expectations. Rohmer shows the world a process of finding happiness through "Le rayon vert", which is also a confused but firm process. How important is the expectation of reaching the end, so he does not describe the destination, but the expectation, and then he ends abruptly. All the happiness is completely concentrated in the last 2 minutes of the film and released in the cheers of the last heroine   .
"Le rayon vert" produced "the essence of Rohmer's style"   . He skillfully used natural phenomena as symbols in the film to describe the profound influence of the natural environment on the characters' emotions and fate, leading people into a mysterious realm. The discussion of society and morality is introduced into a supernatural and mysterious realm, and beyond the social and moral discussion, it shows that it is involuntarily drawn by an unknown destiny", "", Sina Entertainment Review)   .
"Le rayon vert" is different from Rohmer's other films. It talks less about morality. It tells the audience that everyone will have their own "great expectations": when the time comes, happiness will come. It gives the audience more faith: faith in love, self, destiny. However, "Le rayon vert" makes people like it unconsciously. Naturally, it is not only the so-called sympathy, but the audience witnessed a process of finding happiness   .
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