Sweet Sixteen evaluation action

2022-03-20 08:01
The film subverts people's understanding of the form of family, and the black atmosphere that envelopes the whole film is suffocating. It is a betrayal of family discourse, destroying this ideal place for nurturing traditional ideas, and reinterpreting family situations with the reaffirmation and rescue of troubled and turbulent family relationships  .
The film adheres to Ken Lodge's usual simple and documentary style, using images to speak and focus on the fate of little people. The tone of the film is slightly dark, but it restores the real voice from the bottom of the society under the camera. The protagonist seems to live by the audience's side. Although it is destined to not have a happy ending from the beginning, the audience can't help but breathe with him while watching. Shared destiny. The film rarely uses close-up and off-screen music, and the expression is not sensational or deliberately exaggerated. The whole film is a camera not far or near watching the protagonist with an extremely calm attitude, using objective facts to tell himself, thus presenting Realistic texture. The vigorous energy of a bloody boy and a reckless youth who rushes from left to right are vented in such a calm narrative. The tension between the form and the content, the hot and the cold, makes the audience more awake and deeply aware of the director's compassionate eyes behind the camera. It is precisely because of its objectivity and authenticity that this kind of sadness and joy is so emotionally close to the audience.  .
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