Takeshis' evaluation action

2022-03-03 08:01
There is a sense of confusion in "Takeshis'", except that the two "Kitano Takeshi" characters who are also played by Kitano Takeshi need to be distinguished, the arrangement of the plot is also more complicated, so that people can't figure out who is in reality, who is who The whole story is quite confusing and inexplicable. Until the somewhat intriguing ending comes, a basic understanding of the film is limited, of course, to those who are familiar with Kitano Takeshi's work. The story of the film is not very interesting, but a collection of all Kitano Takeshi's works. The film has many deja vu feelings in his previous works, and some bridges are just a touch of water to complete the mission. The narration of the story is not a conventional narration technique, but an unfathomable and profound way to scatter the plot in the reality and memory of "Kitano Takeshi", making the audience unable to keep up with the director's rhythm and understand the director's artistic motivation. And the chaotic handling method feels vague and noncommittal, which undoubtedly reduces the entertainment viewing value of the film.
The film is also Kitano Takeshi's self-soul self-talk, and the life experience of Kitano Takeshi is the focus of the film. The ridiculed "Kitano Takeshi" in the film should be a projection of his past. Living at the bottom of the society can even be described as stealing his life. In fact, men who are in the world are all running for their own careers, and most people expect to get social respect and recognition. And the huge pressure caused "Kitano Takeshi" to take revenge on society and socially indifferent people, even robbing an insurance company at gunpoint, until he got a role to play himself, and killed the big director "Kitano Takeshi", this drama is also One reason the film is positioned as a comedy genre. The actors' performances are obviously funny, and the video style has a certain sense of humor and pessimism, reaching a refined maturity. In a word, this film has a chaotic cult film mode that is difficult to fully understand. It is a very personal "dream"-like work made by Kitano Takeshi for himself, including the director's own experience, knowledge of society, and the past. Review of works   .
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  • Betsy 2022-04-22 07:01:53

    Stupidly did not understand. . .

  • Orland 2022-04-22 07:01:53

    A YY is interspersed with a YY...Imagination can't be so good?

Takeshis' quotes

  • [after Takeshi sees actor Akihiro Miwa in makeup]

    Beat Takeshi: What a freak.

  • Beat Takeshi: Comedians... they're loud.

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