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2022-03-27 08:01
War is full of bloodshed and killing, and the blackness is shrouded in the cloud of death. As a parent, when a child is involved in a war, the most frightening thing is the knock on the door of a stranger. A few months ago, they also took the same plane to cross half the world to the battlefield for the "national interest". When they came, they stood up, but they had to lie down when they returned. They sacrificed for their country, standing as a man, and fell as a man. The last journey of life is destined not to be walked in person. They dedicate their lives to the country. How can the country repay their sacrifice? () 
Throughout the narrative process, Chance's face is never seen. At the end, the colonel in civilian clothes sat among the passengers. The caption reads "To all those who gave their lives for our country," and slowly appears real photos of Chance, from Private First Class to his childhood photos. The whole film highlights the details of the ritual, emphasizes the meaning of death, and the attitude towards the deceased, using vivid and complicated details of the ritual to speak. () 
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  • Walton 2022-04-03 09:01:11

    Respect the dead and respect the life.

  • Lexie 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Movies like this make it hard not to compare one's own country with another's. War is always evil because it is often not those who wage war who bear the sacrifices necessary for war; the difference is that some governments know how to respect the value of sacrifice, while others do not. In addition, it reminds me of the blockbuster many years ago, Saving Private Ryan. You can call them the main theme of the United States, but it is stronger than that of a certain country.

Taking Chance quotes

  • [Last Line]

    LtCol Mike Strobl: Hey, Hi I'm home. Come here. Group Hug. How you guys doing?

  • Rich Brewer: Nobody in my family's in the military and none of my friends. But I thought about joining up. Yeah, but I was too chickenshit.

    [chuckles, then silence]

    Rich Brewer: Sorry, I mean too chicken.

    LtCol Mike Strobl: You can say shit.

    Rich Brewer: Oh, cool. And plus the whole haircut thing. I'm in a band and, you know, you gotta keep it long to keep the ladies happy.

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