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2022-04-10 08:01
"Comeback der Liebe" tells a seemingly bland story in a light-hearted tone. The story is like a small river flowing calmly, and everything unfolds slowly without being disturbed. However, plainness is only an appearance. In the narrative of the story, there is a faint tension flowing from beginning to end, which makes people feel sadness and sadness that cannot be ignored in addition to warmth. The dual feelings of warmth and sadness originate from the film's interpretation of the two themes of "suffering" and "salvation". The film borrows this very life-like story to calmly point to a wider space of life, showing authenticity in the plain, but in fact, it aims to arouse everyone's deep thinking about life.
The rhythm of the whole film is gentle, and there are no ups and downs in the plot, but in the mild plot development, there is always a lingering sense of sadness. The plot setting about death in the film and the shaping of each lonely individual exist implicitly in the main line of warmth, forming the sad background of the story, letting people know that impermanence and suffering are the essence of life.
There are no ups and downs in the film, everything is just told calmly. Death and loneliness constitute the background of suffering and sadness in life, and redemption becomes the warm light that eliminates this sadness. Just like Lu Xun's life towards death and resistance to despair, only by swimming through the cruel and tragic life with Comeback der Liebe, can we transcend suffering and gain peace. At the end of the film, in the warm sunshine and fertile land, the scarecrow holding a branch slantingly was blown up by the wind, and at that moment, the god Comeback der Liebe has quietly descended  .
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Extended Reading
  • Ericka 2022-04-10 08:01:01

    Come over from "Story" and see the charm of classic small plot movies. All emotions do not need to be displayed explicitly. Actors express their emotions and characters through daily performance. The story organizes all meaningful events into several turning scenes. In fact, it is very similar to "Yiyi" and "Alive", but Reed prefers to show dramatic tension. Holden Ford understands what if a more restrained narrative, and ends the film with deep and universal questions.

  • Reinhold 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    It cannot be asserted that this film is in the anti-Hollywood genre, at least the way the film starts is still the same: the down-and-out strongman wants to live an ordinary life incognito, there has long been a whirlpool of Jacques Turner, and there is a history of violence by Cronenberg... ...just the follow-up development, all the signs of contradictions under expectations of all types (old husband and young wife, son and stepfather, religious or not, fan band requesting songs) were all resolved by director Beresford "gently", except for the story line of ex-wife! The male protagonist was puzzled, "Why is it not me, but my daughter who died?" The answer is: it has nothing to do with fate at all. This is due to the conservative ideology of the 1980s. Just as the mother of "Ordinary People" has to admit her mistake, and the daughter of "Golden Pond" finally gets married, the experience of the ex-wife, mother and daughter in this film must also "obey the overall situation".

Tender Mercies quotes

  • Dixie: [singing] We can't afford good wine or pink champagne, We ain't got no open fireplace flame, But we celebrate the happiness we've found, Every night in the best bedroom in town...

  • Dixie: [singing] I'll gladly be a fool, In love again, If there's a chance that you might see me, Touch me, want me never leave me, 'Cause I'm still goin' crazy over you, I'm never gettin' over you..

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