The Abandoned movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
The story tells the story of an abandoned orphan, Mary, who, after many years of hesitation, resolutely embarks on a journey, determined to return to the Russian farm that has been abandoned for many years, to investigate her unknown and unremembered childhood. There, some strange things start to happen: the house on the farm is the inheritance of Mary's long-dead mother, and when Mary steps into the house, the things long hidden in the decaying walls begin to slow down. Slowly waking up, Mary began a nightmarish experience. In the process, a family secret that was supposed to be a thing of the past begins to slowly surface.
The Horror House reflects the horror past:
An American filmmaker named Mary (Anacitasia Hill) returns to her native Russia. There, her mother's body was found under eerie circumstances. She has never met her because she was adopted and brought to America as a child. The only clue to what happened is the remote, abandoned farm in the mountains that belonged to her biological parents.
As the only relative, Mary inherited the place. But no one wanted to take her there, because the locals had a superstitious idea that it was a cursed place. There is only one man willing to embark on this dangerous and long journey, and this stranger seems to know something about her past. But as soon as they reach the house, the guide mysteriously disappears, leaving Mary to explore the abandoned place alone.
At this time, she discovers that another man named Nicky (Keller Roden ) also has inheritance rights. He claims to be her twin brother . , he hopes to discover the truth hidden in those unknown pasts. Tormented by terrifying apparitions, they begin to feel helpless. The problem is that the ghosts wandering around are actually themselves.
At night, copies of their own death roam the houses. Time began to turn back, as if history were repeating itself before their eyes. And both ghosts are showing them how they will die, waiting patiently for the two living copies to die. When they learn why they were brought together and the cruel secrets behind the family, a cycle of terror is about to happen. 
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  • Leola 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    The plot is very imprecise and hypocritical to give one star too much. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer good films to watch. 10 films can't find 1 film

  • Jeffry 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Two and a half stars, this green filter isn't too bad during the day.

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