The Art of Self-Defense evaluation action

2022-01-28 08:33
By genre, the film should be classified as a comedy, but it's clear that this movie, full of grotesque plot settings and dark humor, isn't just about making the audience laugh. In the story shell of "The Destruction of the Karate Brainwashing Class", it is another "disembodied" analysis of the fascist-style violent rule, and by the way, it unceremoniously praised the pragmatic social concept of the United States   . If you look at the film as a classic three-act play, its first part is a black comedy, and the purpose of shaping the characters is obvious. But Jesse Eisenger's acting style inherited from "The Social Network" makes it difficult to find empathy for the role of Casey. In the second part of the film, where Casey enters a karate gym, the film jumps into the rhythm of Fight Club. Compared to Fight Club, this part of the film is very slow-paced, but has the advantage of some well-designed satirical details and unpredictable violence. The final scene of the film is a chaotic mix of suspense, thriller, and surrealism. A series of plot twists are forcibly designed for the final revenge, and the basic logic is missing. Maybe the director wants the audience to put aside reality and only understand it from a perceptual level. Unfortunately, the director's film language and actors' performances are simple and cannot carry complex expressions   .
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  • Isac 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    If it weren't for the film played by Curly Hair, I wouldn't be interested, but after watching it, I think it's okay, it's a bit interesting hahaha. But I still have to say that the curly hair grid really did a great job! He really pinched the male protagonist to the extreme. If it weren't for him, he would not necessarily have this effect.

  • Ayden 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Reversal hastily and untenable, absurd for absurd's sake

The Art of Self-Defense quotes

  • Sensei: [entering info on computer] Name? Casey...

    Casey: Davies.

    Sensei: That's a very feminine sounding name.

  • Casey: I'm going to kill you, Leslie.

    [Sensei looks at Casey with surprise]

    Casey: That's right. I found out your real name is Leslie. I called you that to make you angry. When you think about it, Leslie is a lot more feminine sounding than Casey.

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