The Beat That My Heart Skipped movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
Tom inherited his father's underground real estate business. In order to drive out the nail households, he came up with all kinds of perverted ideas. At the same time, he also needed to help his father settle all kinds of troubles. When he played these rogue tactics, there was no mercy in his heart. One night, Tom suddenly realized that life had another direction. He ran into the agent of the deceased pianist mother's agent, which reminded him of the beautiful time of practicing the piano as a child, a beautiful time ruined by reality. Tom remembered his graceful mother, trying to regain the forgotten rhythm in his heart. He met a Chinese girl who taught piano, and even though they could not speak the same language, he still learned the piano from her. Music makes the communication between them more and more smooth. Tom was addicted to practicing the piano and delayed his real estate work. His father and friends became increasingly dissatisfied with him   .
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  • Rico 2022-03-24 09:03:52

    First-class film, in the works of Jacques Audiard, I think it is second only to "The Prophet". I can't understand the French title, but compared to the Chinese title, The Beat That My Heart Skipped in English is obviously more elegant, accurate, and exciting. Please translate it. If you turn it over, it really hits the mark. It's like watching berries fall from a branch. The perfect Chinese translation of...

  • Eino 2022-03-23 09:03:35

    For those who often watch French films, Romain Duris is not an unfamiliar face. In this film, his performance is like agitated disorder, which makes it difficult for people to have empathy. It may also be caused by the positioning of the characters. The piano dream in my heart is intertwined with the underground life of fighting and killing, and there are many cutscenes interspersed. The plot is a little chaotic, making it difficult to enter the drama. On the contrary, Melanie Roland's appearance is very amazing. She is indeed my favorite French goddess. The figure in the swimsuit is really breathtaking. The female piano teacher is Chinese, but why do you use Vietnamese to communicate in the film? Did the director misunderstand Asians? The plot of murder and revenge feels completely unnecessary. If the male protagonist can play a song at the end, it can support the theme. In addition, this OST does not feel very good, so why is it the best soundtrack? Every time the soundtrack stops abruptly as soon as it starts, it makes people speechless.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped quotes

  • Sami: Playing piano is making you flip. Stop it now!

    Thomas Seyr: Nothing's making me flip. I'm not flipping. I'm having a ball. I feel fantastic, dont' you see? It's important, I'm serious about it.

    Sami: You gonna make dough from pianos?

    Thomas Seyr: Not pianos, the piano! It's not about making money, it's about art.

    Sami: What's in it for us? You coming to meetings all, 'Hi guys, I've been playing piano.' Shit, I'll take up the banjo.

    Thomas Seyr: It's over your head

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