The Broken movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
The film begins with an air of horror planted in the gloomy London air. Beautiful Gina (Lena Headey), who works in the hospital's radiology department, and her boyfriend Stefan (Melvie Popper) throw a party for her father's birthday, including Gina's brother Daniel and sister-in-law Kate. Attend. Gina's father, a staff member of the US embassy in London, will soon retire, and the joyous atmosphere of the birthday party is suddenly interrupted - a large mirror on the wall of the dining room suddenly shatters into pieces, without any human factor. An ominous premonition dissipated.
The next day, when Gina was working in the hospital, a colleague told her strangely: I saw her leave the hospital with my own eyes just now. She didn't take it to heart, but then she was horrified to find her red Cherokee was driving down the street with a woman who looked exactly like her in the driver's seat! Out of curiosity, Gina followed her all the way to an unfamiliar apartment. The woman went upstairs, and Gina followed. There was a photo posted on the stairs, and the people above were Gina and her father. Their meeting (if the woman exists) is not portrayed head-on, and minutes later, a terrified Gina drives away in her red Cherokee, crashing into the road with a car head-on.
The injured Gina moved in with her boyfriend Stefan, but the situation did not improve. Gina was haunted by endless nightmares, and she began to suspect that her boyfriend Stefan was not the real Stefan, but a ghost of a copy. All blamed Gina's bizarre thoughts on brain damage from the car accident. But Gina's fear didn't stop. In the next minute, director Sean Ellis made not only Gina but every audience in fear and anxiety every second. Mirrors or other smooth objects often appear in the picture, which seems to be a metaphor that the greatest fear comes from oneself.
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The Broken quotes

  • [opening screen, small text on black]

    Opening Quote: You have conquered and I yield.

    Opening Quote: Yet henceforward art thou also dead - dead to the World, to Heaven, and to Hope!

    Opening Quote: In me didst thou exist - and, in my death, see by this image, which is thine own, how utterly thou hast murdered thyself.

    Opening Quote: Edgar Allan Poe

  • [Kate and Gina are kneeling down to sweep up the large mirror that suddenly broke during dinner while the men of the family stand by and watch them]

    Kate Coleman: [Quietly to Gina] I guess that's seven years back luck then.

    Gina McVey: [mischievously whispering] I thought it was seven years bad sex.

    Kate Coleman: No, I've already had that.

    Daniel McVey: Oi, I heard that.

    Kate Coleman: [smiling up at her husband] Baby, that was before I met you.

    [John, Gina and Kate's father, is apparently oblivious to the entire by-play that's occurred and preoccupied by the broken mirror]

    John McVey: Do you think we can fix it?

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