The Brown Bunny movie plot

2022-06-22 17:50
Professional motorcycle racer Bud Claydriving solo from New Hampshire for a race in California five days later, during which he will travel across the United States.
The lonely journey is emotionally charged, and memories of old love Daisyslowly come to mind. This beautiful girl like a fairy once made Bud feel the warmth of love, and it has always made him dream. He is willing to do anything to make this memory disappear. So he met one after another, beautiful and gentle girls full of personality, trying to find a new love to comfort his soul, always rudely making requests to the hitchhikers, and after they agreed, he threw them away. go with. 
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  • Isac 2022-06-22 18:16:01

    The rhythm of the car, the rhythm of the road

  • Paris 2022-06-22 15:52:40

    The mood of drifting away is simple and trivial, and the end of the film is the "bright spot", but a little restraint may be more flavorful. In the evening with moderate rain and mist, driving on the highway, the car playing light and lazy music, the perfect personal image of the artistic conception, the unforgettable loneliness...

The Brown Bunny quotes

  • Daisy: I'm not going to be okay, Bud.

  • Bud Clay: [points to a bunny rabbit] How old is this bunny?

    Employee: Around one, two months.

    Bud Clay: What's the longest a bunny can live for?

    Employee: 'Bout five or six years.

    Bud Clay: Five or six years...

    Employee: Yeah.

    Bud Clay: That's the most they can live?

    Employee: Yup.

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