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2022-10-17 23:48
Although I have to admit that this is a second-tier film that is classified as a second-tier film by a second-tier second-tier director leading a group of second-tier actors with second-tier acting skills, but if you have actually seen this movie, you will definitely not agree with this. Movies are only second-rate claims. The film discusses the current media in depth. They do whatever it takes to mercilessly publicize some trivial or not-so-glamorous things. For a time, the parties involved in the incident were in trouble, the solution of the matter was complicated, and the development trend of the matter was out of control. But the media never considered these, the only thing they considered was that the worse the parties involved, the higher their ratings; It can't be solved, the more the audience cares about the development of the situation. This is the current media, and this film shows the ugly state of the media in   front of us one by one.
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The Chase quotes

  • Officer Figus: You're confused! He's confused you! It's very confusing!

  • Dale: Time to be heroes!

    [Swerves the truck and attempts to knock Jack and Natalee into the guard rail]

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