The Children's Hour movie plot

2022-03-12 08:01
A piece of land far away from the dust collector, green grass is like bacteria, and the sky is infinite. This is a private girls' school and a party is being held. The two headmistresses, Karenand Martha, have been close friends since middle school. After a busy day, they are ready to rest. Karen already has a fiancé, the handsome Doctor Cardin, who often visits Karen and takes her for a drive. At this time, Martha was left busy in the school. For some reason, Martha always looks manly in everything she does, and she is rarely seen wearing a dress. Martha was always angry with Dr. Cardin, and she didn't want Karen to marry this man, the reason she gave was that there would be less time to take care of the school. They had a small quarrel over this matter, and finally hugged each other sadly. This was seen by the female student Mary. Mary's grandmother was a conservative, old-fashioned, rich. Mary happened to be punished for making a mistake that day. In order to get revenge on the two teachers, she decided to tell others what she saw. Mary, a liar, made up the story and told her grandmother, Mrs. Tilford. She said she saw the two principals kissing and slandered them as a homosexual relationship. What's more despicable is that in order to convince her of the lie, she also has evidence of another classmate Rosalie's theft, and coerced Rosalie to help her lie.
The words of a small child caused an uproar. In a conservative society, there is no room for homosexual behavior caused by rumors. Karen and Martha watched their classmates at school being taken away by their parents one by one before they could figure it out. The only one who is happy is Mary, she can skip school. Dr. Cardin still had a trusting attitude towards Martha, but what could this be. People in the town also began to discourage and even threaten Dr. Cardin. Before long, the matter was brought to court. Martha's aunt is also a teacher at this school. She could have proved the innocence of the two, but when it was time to go to court, she backed away and left. The two lost the case, and they stayed in the empty school and dared not go out. Dr. Cardin wanted to help them get out of here, but Martha also refused. At this time, Martha told Karen the truth: in fact, in her heart, she did have admiration for Karen. This surprised Martha, and she could hardly accept the fact. Martha shut herself in the house, when in fact, when Karen opened that door, she found that Martha had committed suicide. Martha's aunt came back from outside and apologized to them, not knowing that it was all too late. It's just that children's words are unscrupulous, and people's words are scary  .
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  • Lottie 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    Love is the hands that want to touch and retract, she watches her lover's back until she leaves, in a dream of love that will never come true.

  • Christopher 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    Watching Audrey Hepburn's wonderful performance is the best gift this movie gives to the audience; in terms of material, this movie is ahead of its time; the sentence that children don't lie is not entirely true, at least when she has her own ideological inclination, This sentence does not apply; the power of public opinion is powerful and difficult to control. There used to be a saying that thousands of people point out and die without a problem. This movie may be the embodiment of this sentence.

The Children's Hour quotes

  • Martha: There's always been something wrong. Always, just as long as I can remember. But I never knew what it was until all this happened.

    Karen: Stop it Martha! Stop this crazy talk!

    Martha: You're afraid of hearing it, but I'm more afraid that you.

    Karen: I won't listen to you!

    Martha: No! You've got to know. I've got to tell you. I can't keep it to myself any longer. I'm guilty!

    Karen: You're guilty of nothing!

    Martha: I've been telling myself that since the night I heard the child say it. I lie in bed night after night praying that it isn't true. But I know about it now. It's there. I don't know how, I don't know why. But I did love you! I do love you! I resented your plans to marry. Maybe because I wanted you. Maybe I've wanted you all these years. I couldn't call it by name before, but maybe it's been there since I first knew you.

    Karen: But it's not the truth, not a word of it is true! We've never thought of each other that way.

    Martha: No, of course you didn't. But who's to say I didn't. I'd never felt that way about anybody before you. I've never loved a man. I never knew why before, maybe it's that.

    Karen: You're tired and worn out.

    Martha: It's funny. It's all mixed up. There's something in you, and you don't know anything about it because you don't know it's there. And then suddenly, one night a little girl gets bored and tells a lie, and there, for the first time, you see it. Then you say to yourself, did she see it? Did she sense it?

    Karen: But you know it could have been any lie. She was looking for anything to...

    Martha: But why this lie? She found the lie with the ounce of truth. Don't you see? I can't stand to have you touch me! I can't stand to have you look at me! Oh, it's all my fault. I have ruined your life and I have ruined my own. I swear I didn't know it! I didn't mean it! Oh, I feel so damn sick and dirty I can't stand it anymore!

  • Mrs. Lily Mortar: God will punish you.

    Martha: He's doing all right.

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