The Chumscrubber movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
On this day, his best friend Terry hanged himself at home. It just so happened that Dean found Terry's body in his room. But Dean did not notify Terry's parents according to the mailing address on the postcard. Because, he guessed, even if they knew, they wouldn't care. Terry was a major drug trafficker at Dean's school, and his death immediately plunged the community's already on the brink of collapse into extreme chaos. In order to get the valuable drugs that Terry left behind during his lifetime, Billy and his comrades started a crazy kidnapping plan. They planned to kidnap Dean's younger brother Charlie in order to coerce him to hand over the treasures Terry saved during his lifetime. the rest of the drugs. However, by mistake, Billy and the others tied the wrong object, and mistakenly captured Charlie Brightley, who had a similar name. And Charlie's mother was busy with her upcoming wedding to local mayor Mike Able, unaware of her son's disappearance. Right at their wedding, Mayor Mike was ambushed and wounded in the head. As one thing surfaced, Mike and everyone realized that there was some kind of huge crisis hidden under the quiet and peaceful surface of this small town.
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  • Robb 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    I watched this movie last night, and it was very sad. Whenever I saw the protagonist was about to say it, the adults who showed great concern for them always pushed them back casually. It's uncomfortable, I really want to shout to wake up the people in the play or ourselves!

  • Paris 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Made a mockery of the hypocritical American middle class and showed deep sympathy to the teenagers who were ignored and misunderstood by them A very different movie Ralph Fiennes and a group of familiar faces appeared willing to be green leaves

The Chumscrubber quotes

  • Dean Stiffle: I read the statistics, that the average kid sees something like, 10,000 dead bodies on TV before he turns 18.

    Crystal Falls: Is that what it was like? Like TV?

    Dean Stiffle: No - it wasn't like that at all.

  • Dr. Bill Stiffle: How do you feel about the suicide of your best friend in the world?

    Dean Stiffle: [pause] Real shitty.

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