The Chumscrubber movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
On this day, his best friend Terry hanged himself at home. It just so happened that Dean found Terry's body in his room. But Dean did not notify Terry's parents according to the mailing address on the postcard. Because, he guessed, even if they knew, they wouldn't care. Terry was a major drug trafficker at Dean's school, and his death immediately plunged the community's already on the brink of collapse into extreme chaos. In order to get the valuable drugs that Terry left behind during his lifetime, Billy and his comrades started a crazy kidnapping plan. They planned to kidnap Dean's younger brother Charlie in order to coerce him to hand over the treasures Terry saved during his lifetime. the rest of the drugs. However, by mistake, Billy and the others tied the wrong object, and mistakenly captured Charlie Brightley, who had a similar name. And Charlie's mother was busy with her upcoming wedding to local mayor Mike Able, unaware of her son's disappearance. Right at their wedding, Mayor Mike was ambushed and wounded in the head. As one thing surfaced, Mike and everyone realized that there was some kind of huge crisis hidden under the quiet and peaceful surface of this small town.
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  • Ethan 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Some parts are not bad, but the chest is very tight after watching it.... I was surprised that Ralph Fiennes would show up, but I didn't expect that there were still many scenes; the little brother who played the invisible man turned out to be an acting school! The hooligan is really good; the little brother who plays Charlie Bratley is also good, of course, mainly because of his looks and mouth.

  • Elza 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Black youth is created by a black environment

The Chumscrubber quotes

  • Dean Stiffle: Crystal, come on in!

    Crystal Falls: Dean I need your help...

    Dean Stiffle: [Troy's hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling] It's Troy. Look, Troy's back!

    Crystal Falls: That's not funny!

    Dean Stiffle: Come on, Crystal. You remember Troy... you guys were friends, right?

    Troy: She wasn't my friend. Is that what she said?

    Dean Stiffle: Oh, well - Troy says you guys weren't friends.

    Crystal Falls: Dean, there's nobody here.

    Troy: Tell her to fuck off!

    Dean Stiffle: I don't think Troy wants to see you right now, so...

    Crystal Falls: Dean, Troy's dead! I mean he killed himself...

    Dean Stiffle: No, no, no! No, he's back. He's not dead. Troy, tell her you're not dead.

    Troy: I am not dead.

    Dean Stiffle: You see, Crystal?

    Troy: ...But who could call this a life. Well - here we go.

    [Troy falls from the rope onto the floor]

    Dean Stiffle: Troy...

    Crystal Falls: Dean?

    Dean Stiffle: Troy...

    Crystal Falls: Dean, stop it.

    Dean Stiffle: [Troy's shadow is cast over the wall towards Dean] What do you want? Look this wasn't my fault! Okay?

    Dean Stiffle: [Towards Crystal] He didn't even tell me, okay? He was my best friend and he didn't even tell me he was going to kill himself! I could have stopped him. I wish I could have stopped him...

    Crystal Falls: Dean... Dean, Charley's going to get hurt!

  • Dean Stiffle: ...It's just a beer, mom.

    Mrs. Stiffle: You don't have to explain yourself to me Dean, I trust you... I wonder what that'd be like. If we could just switch roles - You could be the parent, and I would be the child, and you could tell me what to do and I would listen to you, and I would trust you...

    Dean Stiffle: Are you okay, mom?


    Mrs. Stiffle: I'm supposed to be making a casserole right now for Troy's memorial service... I don't know what's wrong with me. My basic energy level has just been noticeably low, lately.

    [Mrs. Stiffle starts to laugh]

    Dean Stiffle: Mom, I'm sorry... I have to go.

    Mrs. Stiffle: No, do not explain yourself to me Dean, I told you not to do that.

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