The Death of Mr. Lazarescu evaluation action

2022-03-24 08:01
A masterpiece that is easy to be overlooked, the first is not amazing, the second is a bit long (153 minutes), the subject matter is very ordinary, the rhythm is unhurried, but very exciting. I believe that everyone who lives in the city and has something to do with the medical system will resonate after reading it, because it is about a person who needs emergency treatment and is admitted to the hospital, but is kept out of the door for various reasons. The richness of detail makes the film incredibly weighty. This kind of film is very rare in the commercial film world.
Will the same thing happen to emergency rooms around the world? There is no villain in the film, everyone is working hard to cope with the work in front of them, but the ending is sad. The film won the Prix Un Certain Regard at last year's Cannes Film Festival. 
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  • Bell 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    It's almost a documentary film, and sometimes you can't even feel the existence of the camera, and hide the perspective and position, all the daily trivialities, and now it's even more interesting. Only by using this method can make the audience feel more and more tormented and anxious as time goes by and space changes, and the ending can only be speechless. Responsibility and right or wrong in this life and death can no longer be discussed. Can only feel the problems of the entire medical system, and can these problems be solved by these ordinary people in the movie? Puyou's second feature film, at this time his camera is still aimed at ordinary people.

  • Evert 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    7.5/ Thought-provoking realistic themes, it is difficult to see a doctor.

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu quotes

  • Mr. Lazarescu (Domnui Lazarescu): Excuse me, Nurse, but how old are you?

    Mioara Avram: I'm not that young anymore. I'm 55.

    Mr. Lazarescu (Domnui Lazarescu): 55?

    Mioara Avram: Yes. In September.

    Mr. Lazarescu (Domnui Lazarescu): In September? Just like Virgil, my brother-in-law, only he's 68.

  • Marioara: I'm ready Virgil, come get him and take him to Anghel!

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