The Distinguished Citizen movie plot

2022-01-22 08:02
The taciturn novelist Daniel Mantovanihas an inexplicable and unexplainable relationship with success: success has brought him wealth that other writers of the same era cannot match, but it makes him worry about himself. There is no longer the precious edges and corners that were before fame.
Five years later, the writer who settled in Barcelona was still very popular. He had to ask his assistant to politely decline a bunch of kind invitations until he received a letter from his hometown of Salas, a seven-hour drive from Buenos Aires. Letter. All of Daniel's creative inspiration comes from this homeland, but he has not returned to his hometown for 40 years-as he himself said, he has never left his hometown, but he has never returned. To the assistant's surprise, he accepted the invitation from the town and embarked on a journey to receive the "El ciudadano ilustre" award.
However, the premise for his return to his hometown this time is: declining media interruptions. After arriving in Buenos Aires, he rode in a broken car and went through many twists and turns before finally arriving in the small town, where he received a warm welcome from the mayor.
The villagers were ecstatic about the arrival of the celebrities. Some people believe that the characters in Daniel's works are themselves, and make various requests to the writer. According to the arrangement, Daniel will conduct lecture tours in his hometown and serve as a judge for a drawing competition. And his boyhood friend Antonio told the big man complacently that he married Irene, the girl he abandoned   .
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