The Eight Hundred scene props

2022-03-10 08:02
The staff of the film built a building covering an area of ​​200 acres with bricks and tiles. Not only did they manually excavate a new Suzhou River, but they also constructed 1:1 real-life buildings on both sides of the river   . During the filming, the demolition site in Baisha, Ningbo was set as the scene of the Battle of Songhu. In pursuit of reality, the crew spent a year and a half in the Huayi Brothers Movie Worldshooting base to design and build a 200-acre site with 68 buildings, and dug the 200-meter-long Suzhou River to restore the war on both sides of the river. The "hell" of the sky and the "heaven" of the sensual neon. The entire film used 300 flares to reproduce the lighting effects on the battlefield of the Battle of Songhu. A total of more than 300 kilograms of e-liquid and nearly 5 tons of old newspapers were burned, creating a real battlefield filled with gunpowder smoke and artillery fire. In order to present the best visual effects, ensure the realism of the picture and highlight the aesthetic value, Cao Yu, the director of photography, set up more than 2,000 lamps on the set to match different shots   .
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  • Margaretta 2022-03-10 08:02:14

    It's not that Yaobai movies can do the best, but the current Chinese movies can do the best. Guan Hu Ge Rui has clearly worked hard on the characters, and the arcs of the characters including the five miscellaneous soldiers and several officers are quite clear; it is a pity that the comprehensive story display has weakened the proportion of characterization. In the scene, the emotionally progressive cross-montage I expected did not appear, and the group portraits of the South Bank and the scenes of individual people were not well filmed (this should be related to the deletion), which eventually led to a little confusion in the placement of the whole film. . Cao Yu is in this film, similar to Deakins in 2049. The excellent use of lighting and depth of field presses the real heavy feeling of history on the audience; the production is first-class, and it has a larger texture than any domestic film. What Tiger shows in this film is the closest a domestic commercial director has come to Nolan. Although it's actually a long way off, it's tasteful. Please continue to cheer for Chinese movies, don't be afraid of those rumors and rumors, their actions are no different from the traitors you despise

  • Amani 2022-03-10 08:02:14

    Looking at it with a blank space, I was stunned the whole time. Maybe it's been too long since I watched a domestic war movie. After watching this, it's like the puff of cigarette Jiang Wu smoked in the movie, so comfortable! On the north and south banks of the Suzhou Henan, on one side there is a hail of bullets, and the other side is feasting, singing and dancing. In the Battle of Songhu in 1937, there are too many stories to tell. "My son is not filial... Mother, I'm leaving..." Chen Shusheng burst into tears in the group scene where he jumped off the building with dynamite tied up. The long-lost slogan "Brothers, see you in the next life" and the short sentence "Send you a ride" are all heart-wrenching, and the war movie is full of anger. And the white horse galloping in the chaotic world, riding on the dust, is the hope for life. The fantasy military horse is a close call, and it is the last yearning for tomorrow. "To live is to win" the last shot of the movie, stretching from the four-line warehouse to the modern city of Shanghai, inside and outside the movie, this is the best ending.

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