The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec evaluation action

2022-03-28 08:01
"Adela" doesn't have to think like the French "nonsense" for a few minutes to have a laugh, because it is full of humor throughout. The film originates from life and tells the story of France in the 19th century. The French's rich humor has transformed their lives into the most worthy comedy. French movies have always been known for their humor, romance and depth, and "Adela" has injected a new popular element of fantasy adventure, presenting a novel French feast to the audience.
Everything from the hatching of pterosaur eggs and Adela's tour of treasures began to become funny, which also laid the funny tone of the whole film. It does not deliberately pursue the depth and novelty of humor, but touches your laughter nerve with an original presentation. The details of the mediocre policemen, the witty and exaggerated scene settings, and the mummy's signature silent film performance all have an indescribable joy.
Luc Besson said: "I created some humorous mummies in the film, and you would see pterosaurs flying over Paris, Adela's extraordinary adventures, and mad scientists." This is a commercial entertainment film, and the audience can find many familiar scenes and settings in "Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec". The resurrection of the pterosaurs in the museum reminds people of "Wonderful Night at the Museum"; the paragraphs of dragon training and dragon riding seem to be a French female version of "Avatar". With some knowledge of French history, audiences can better appreciate the Parisian elegance of Belle Époque, the early science fiction of Verne, and the comedic imprints from Méliès to Tati.
There are always some children's stories that are popular for a generation, and there are always some classic fairy tales that remain unchanged. "The Parisian girl 100 years ago fascinated me, and it has been ten years since I fell in love with Adela," said Luc Besson. When it comes to classic children's books that no one knows about in Western countries, Tati's "Adela" series of comics cannot be avoided.
Therefore, "Adela" adheres to the essence of business from beginning to end, interpreting a brilliant limit with a life-threatening and funny posture, gimmicks everywhere, subversive layers, full of dazzling humorous designs and wonderful details after the explosion of imagination in more than 100 minutes , The density is high, but it is not noisy.
It has an impossible-to-fail script selection, magic, funny, adventure, dragons and treasures plus cat-and-mouse games; it has a non-objectionable cast, and although it has no talent and a small reputation, it does not make the audience seem childish Groupies, questioning their own tastes; it has all kinds of absurd and ingenious ways to shake the burden, including teasing social anecdotes, retelling French sentiments, and the most popular - spoof blockbuster.
Luc Besson insists on creating with heart, bringing us moving and joy with vivid characters, which are especially valuable in the grand environment.
A relevant critic said: "This film has captured the attention of audiences around the world with a vivid and surprising scene, bringing the audience a fantastic journey beyond imagination!"
Comedy is difficult to shoot, pay attention to the degree, the filming is noisy, the filming is quiet and the drama is confused and nondescript, the film "Adela" is just right.
I remember there was a cross talk in which the second shopkeeper reported the name of the dish to the guests with a strange appearance, "We have a big laugh, a silly laugh, a wild laugh, a bitter laugh, a skin laugh." There are many kinds of human laughter, which can be judged from the auditory sense. There is a kind of laughter that is full of appreciation for the other party's intellectual achievements, can be loud, can be presumptuous, and this kind of laughter, I have heard countless times in the theater of the preview of "Adele".
This film incorporates a large number of comedy plots, adventure scenes and character emotions. A lot of funny plots are hilarious, and the continuous adventure part is almost suffocating, and the finishing touch at the end will still make people sigh. In addition to the entertainment brought by the characters with the same pictures and demeanor, there is also a faint nostalgia for the old feelings. The screenwriter's grasp of social issues enables the audience to be moved without being provocative, and thinking without being preached   .
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