The Flower of My Secret movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
The heroine Leo is a career woman with a failed marriage. The romance novels she wrote anonymously are very popular, and the literary reviews written under the new pseudonym have also received good reviews. NATO, the two of them get together less and leave more, which makes Leo miserable. Leo's sister Rosa doesn't get along well with her mother, who is clamoring to go back to her hometown. Later, Leo found out that her husband and friend Betty had an affair and committed suicide. As she was dying, she received a call from her mother who decided to leave Madrid and return to her hometown, which gave her the courage to revive her life.
Leo is a romance novelist whose marriage is in crisis. His only friend, Betty, is the object of her husband's affair. The housekeeper, Blanka, is a former flamenco dancer and may leave at any time. No, it made her even more desperate.
She, who has been writing under the pseudonym Amanda Gris, always hides her identity and gives monologues to the typewriter. As the secrets flowing from the bottom become immovable typefaces, and the strong alcohol pours her sorrows, the situation seems to be worse; Betty suggests that she go to An El Pais newspaper asked Angel, the editor of the supplement, to submit an article, but he did what he liked, and the disordered life gradually returned to the right track. Unexpectedly, a phone call from her husband Paco who claimed that he was going to stay home for 24 hours made Leo face her divided self again. She finally knew that everything was a lie, and the marriage vows collapsed. 
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  • Margret 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    Almodovar's "secular melodrama" is still a female theme that Ashi is familiar with. The dog's blood is warm, the weak is strong, anxiety and hope are also placed on it. Almodovar's female characters are full of brilliance.

  • Colt 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    Almodovar is always admirable and amazed. If his script is made by a second or third-rate director, it will be a hypocritical and even a bit vulgar story, but in a few words, it is difficult to summarize what magic he used to make the whole story shine. Hui. Those Spanish-style psychedelics and warmth, no matter how many seemingly crazy coats are wrapped, can hardly hide their brilliance. Those women are immortalized in Almodóvar's films.

The Flower of My Secret quotes

  • Ángel: Do you remember "Casablanca"?

    Leo Macías: Yes.

    Ángel: The first time Ingrid Bergman enter's Rick's? They both sit down at the same table. Bogart is rigid, speechless from emotion. Ingrid asks him if he remembers the last time they'd been together. It was in Paris. He answers, stone faced: "I'll never forget that day. The day the Germans occupied Paris, the Germans wore gray and you wore blue." You wore blue the day you fled from your life and ran into mine.

    Leo Macías: I don't remember it.

    Ángel: I'll always remember it.

  • Leo Macías: You've come to pay? How many fucks will clear up the debt? How much am I worth?

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