The Fly II movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
Female journalist Winica is pregnant with Brondo Seth's child. During childbirth, Venica died on the spot because of her shock. Her son, named Martin, is in the care of Barto Industries. Martin was different from birth. He grew up fast and never slept, so at five years old Martin looked like a 20-year-old. He was naturally intelligent, had a camera-like memory, and seemed to surpass his father's in talent. On Martin's fifth birthday, Mr. Bartow, the CEO of Bartow Industries, gave Martin a house of his own. Because for the past five years, Martin has spent the past five years in the Batory Industrial Park, which has monitoring facilities. Martin wanted his privacy, and now he has. But in reality he has no real right to privacy, as his life is still under the surveillance of cameras in the corner, and by the time Martin finally finds out, he has already started to mutate.
In return for what Mr. Bartow has done for Martin, Martin decides to work at Bartow Industries, where his job is to study his father's time-space transport device. One night, Martin met the young and beautiful Bev Logan, and the two fell in love at first sight. Since then, every night, Bev Logan has helped Martin research the time-space teleportation device. Finally, Martin completed the work of the time-space teleportation device. But he gradually realized that something was wrong with his body. It turned out that in the past 5 years, the mutant chromosomes in Martin's body did not wake up temporarily. After 5 years, the chromosomes began to wake up and grow wildly. The people from Bartow Industries didn't actually help Martin to cure his illness. The so-called therapeutic drugs were just a placebo, giving Martin a little hope. They are just using Martin's intelligence to complete the work of the time-space teleportation device, and waiting for time for Martin to become a fly man to obtain living samples of research value, so that Barto Industries can dominate the world.
When Martin knew about conspiracy and deception, he had already started the process of mutating into a fly man. He returned to the Bartow Industrial Park to seek revenge against Mr Bartow. He entered the time-space teleportation device with Mr. Barto, and the Magic Password is "DAD" - does this mean the genius of the biological father or the "careful nurture" of the adoptive father? Bev Logan made a difficult decision, activated the conversion system, and the system reorganized the genes of the two. Martin finally returned to normal, and Bev Logan and Bev Logan were finally able to be together again, while Mr. Barto became a The monster was placed in the place where the mutant dog was once raised - this is somewhat ironic, the mutant dog is Martin's psychological scar, and Mr. Barto's long howl at the end of the film is helplessness or resentment? The taste of it can only be known by "he" himself when he bows his head like a dog for food.
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  • Brionna 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    I watched this film in the videotape era, when I was young, I didn't really understand it. The most impressive thing is that the male protagonist has a wide distance between his eyes and drooping corners of his eyes (a fresh visual stimulus for children who have only seen limited translations), with an innocent and suffering temperament. I don't understand the plot, I don't understand what love is, and it doesn't prevent inexplicable tears for an emotion full of despair. A grading system maybe necessary? At that time, I would really be frightened by cliché horror movies and have nightmares. But in this film, what I feel other than disgusting is just sadness.

  • Rosetta 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Repeat the previous plot

The Fly II quotes

  • Beth Logan: [Deleted scene - alternate ending. Beth comes out of the boathouse with a plate of food. She joins Martin and sits down next to him] How do you feel?

    Martin Brundle: Better. Much better.

    [a fly lands on the plate of food. Films ends]

    Martin Brundle: .

  • Anton Bartok: [21:29] Five years and millions of dollars later and what we have is the world's most expensive juicer. The greatest invention in the history of mankind and we can't get the damned thing to work. It's like a bunch of chimpanzees trying to figure out how to operate a car. Your father was a brilliant man. Brilliant! But, erratic. When he died, some of his secrets died with him. You can finish your father's work. You're as brilliant as he was, perhaps even more so.

    Martin Brundle: [22:18] I don't like these things.

    Anton Bartok: It's because of the dog, isn't it? How long are you going to hold that against me? It was a tragic mistake. But that's in the past, now. You must concentrate on the future. The future is right here in this very room. Imagine a new era of surgery without incision. Cutting people open will be primitive; a thing of the past. All the things will become obsolete overnight. That's what these machines represent: A new age. If you want personnel, Dr. Trimble and his people are at your disposal. If you want to work alone, fine. It's your choice. Martin, we did everything we could for your dog. Take comfort in knowing he didn't suffer for long. Your father kept a record of his progress.

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