The Garden of Words Better than before

2022-01-11 08:01
The New Hayao Miyazaki's previous works have won him a group of fans. However, his films also have flaws, emphasize restraint and subtlety, and excessively exaggerate emotions, resulting in insufficient narrative ability. In the new work "The Garden of Words", The New Hayao Miyazaki has not made major breakthroughs, but there are still small improvements. The film tells the love story between the young high school student Akizuki Takao and the working woman ゆきのゆかり. The tone of the story is the same as the "sorrowful love" theme that The New Hayao Miyazaki loved before. The story itself is a bit thin, so The New Hayao Miyazaki put it in a small background. If the characters are placed in a larger background, the paper-like tendency of the characters will be more prominent. Although it is still a bit stretched to handle multi-person interaction, the narrative method is much more concise and smooth, which is an improvement over "Second Speed" and " Kumo no mukô, yakusoku no basho ". In addition, from the perspective of viewing, the way he uses animation has different characteristics   .
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The Garden of Words quotes

  • Yukari Yukino: A faint clap of thunder / Clouded skies / Perhaps rain will come / If so, will you stay here with me?

  • Takao Akizuki: In the evenings, before I went to sleep, and in the mornings, in the moment I woke up, I realized I was praying for rain

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