The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch movie plot

2022-03-24 08:01
At midnight, a private yacht in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. A man receives a call from a strange man. Put down the phone and walked to the boat to breathe, but was dragged into the water by the frogman and drowned. This man is Lago Winch's father, founder and major shareholder of the powerful W Group, he has no official heir, and he has given all his wealth to his secret adopted son Lago. The camera shakes back 20 years ago, when a man adopted two boys in an orphanage in the former Yugoslavia. To be raised by a simple family in the countryside. 10 years later, one boy became the son of a simple family, and the other boy was taken away by a man. This boy is Lago Winch. As the son of a man, he will become the heir of a huge international company. But the boy does not like the way of life of men, and thinks that his father is destined to be lonely for a lifetime. When he ran away from home, his father gave the boy a dagger and asked him to protect himself. It turned out that someone secretly spied on Largo's property, made the beauty plan to frame Largo and put him in prison. Largo tried everything possible to return to the company, and went through company politics and was hunted down   .
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  • Eli 2022-03-24 09:03:54

    The version I read is not well translated, why is it also Hong Kong, it looks so different? The view of the Mediterranean Sea is beautiful!

  • Brett 2022-03-24 09:03:54

    Block the film and television empire subtitle group! ! ! The translation is so bad, it seems like it was translated in a half-dream.

The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch quotes

  • Largo Winch: I want my file from the orphanage.

    Nerio Winch: I do not know what you are talking about.

    Largo Winch: I went to the orphanage.

    Nerio Winch: Who gave you the address?

    Largo Winch: That's not the point. I went there. My file is the only missing one.

    Nerio Winch: You should have told me about it. You can't act in my back.

    Largo Winch: You never wanted to tell me anything.

    Nerio Winch: You are a Winch, Largo. You are my son. Nothing else matters. The past is the past. Only your future matters.

    Largo Winch: This file is the only thing that really belongs to me. It is mine. My history. So you are going to give it back to me.

    Nerio Winch: Who do you think you are?

    Largo Winch: I want my file.

    Nerio Winch: I don't have it

    Largo Winch: Liar!

    Nerio Winch: Don't insult your father.

    Largo Winch: You are not my father.

    Nerio Winch: [Heading to the door] That is not up to you.

    Largo Winch: [Violently closing the door] You are going to give me that file.

    Nerio Winch: I burnt it.

    Largo Winch: [Stabbing the door with his knife, then leaving] Find yourself another heir.

  • Léa: [Largo discovers Naomi is the driver of the car waiting for him] Was your trip exhausting, Sir ?

    Largo Winch: [Sarcastically] Thanks for picking me up...

    Léa: The usual driver had a small problem with some sleeping pills.

    [Hands over a sheet to Largo]

    Léa: Sign down to the right.

    Largo Winch: What's this ? A wedding certificate ?

    Léa: A debt recognition.

    Largo Winch: Expensive ride...

    Léa: That's my rate...

    [Largo tries to open the door, but can't]

    Léa: ... And I left the child safety lock on. Marcus is around. He'll pay to find you.

    Largo Winch: You won't.

    Léa: [Marcus is seen driving his car, then answering his phone] Marcus, I have something for you. 6 feet tall, dark hair, green eyes. I'm on the Kwon Lan road.

    [Marcus's car makes a fast U-turn]

    Largo Winch: You are such a...

    Léa: Only guys like you can take the liberty of despising money.

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