The House of Small Cubes evaluation action

2022-04-12 08:01
La maison en petits cubes (La maison en petits cubes), a nominated work from Japan, tells the story of an old man who is determined to dive into an old house that has been covered by sea level in order to find his beloved pipe. Out of the good old days, the whole film is full of a fairy tale mood, which is thought-provoking and recognized by the audience   . ()
The whole film of "House of Building Blocks" exudes a strong French atmosphere, and the creation of the shape and the atmosphere of the picture is amazing. Whoever holds the hand will grow old with whom. The so-called "seeing things and thinking about people" means that when the people around you leave one after another and survive alone, I don't know if it is lucky or unfortunate. Touching those objects with memories attached, my heart must be mixed with warmth and sadness, but I ask myself that I don't have such a strong heart. The whole film has far-reaching meaning, quiet and warm, and it is very precious among a large number of computer works at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2008   . ()
"Building Blocks Home" revolves around the memories of the lonely old man's love for his wife and the memories of some families. Make extensive use of flat shots. The short film may seem simple, but it has a profound meaning, focusing on showing a spiritual journey   . ()
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  • Murray 2022-04-20 09:02:58

    A very quiet Japanese animated short.

  • Eliza 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    Si Jun makes you old, and the years are suddenly too late. For lonely people, memory is like a life-saving straw. The more memories, the more lonely, and the more lonely, the more memories.

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