The Lavender Hill Mob evaluation action

2022-03-12 08:01
The film is one of the British Film Institute's 100 Best Films of the Century. It's a classic British humorous lighthearted comedy. Won the 5th BAFTA Award for Best British Film. He has won the Venice Film Festival 1951 (16th) Best Theme Screenplay Award, 1953 (25th) Oscar Award for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay and Best Actor Award.
The film's leading actor, Alec Guinness, was nominated for an Oscar for the first time as Henry Holland. He is known as the "British Jazz Actor".
Alec Guinness was born in London on April 12, 1914. After graduating from the Academy of Performing Arts, he worked as an advertising writer and participated in stage work in the mid-30s. At that time, he was considered to have no acting potential, but he was 46. The first film of the year was David Lean's "Great Expectations", followed by David Lean's adaptation of Dickens' novel in 1948. Oliver Twist), the two David Lane films, allowed Alec Guinness to prove his acting potential and soon became a mainstay of British cinema.
He is an actor unearthed by the late world-class director David Lian. Since then, these two treasures of the British film industry have always been with each other, cooperating in many classic movies. Following the above two Dickens novel adaptations, there are "The Bridge on the River Kwai" in 1957, "Lawrence of Arabia" in 1962, "Dr. Zhivago" in 1965, "Journey to India" in 1984 (A Passage To India). In the above-mentioned films of David Lian, Alec Guinness played the roles of British officers, عَرَب , Russians and Indians. It can be seen that he has a very broad level as an actor, and his acting skills have also reached Pure fire. Among them, "Bridge on the River Kwai" played a British officer who was dealing with Japanese generals in a concentration camp, which won him the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the United States , and two years later (ie, 1959), he was awarded the British Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The royal family was knighted and became a Sir-level actor.
Alec Guinness's acting career spanned 50 years, purely based on his acting skills, which enabled him to adapt to movies of different eras. In the 1940s, he played the role of Dickens, and in the 1950s, he played a lot of black comedies and suspense. In the 1960s, he was a character in David Lian's epic movies, and in the 1970s, he could adapt to the trend of science fiction movies, and played the Obi-Wan warrior in "Star Wars". Characters, willing or not, he always gives his all.
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Extended Reading
  • Isom 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    A masterpiece of British comedy, British humor, when the police stood by the door of the police car robbed by the robbers, the sound of pigs humming in response to the soundtrack, it made people laugh.

  • Elbert 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    Lavender Hill and Portobello Street are so cute! It's just so wonderful!

The Lavender Hill Mob quotes

  • [Holland and Pendlebury look at a newly cast Eiffel Tower paperweight]

    Henry Holland: Our firstborn.

  • Pendlebury: Now it's all over, I suppose I may dare say it's been a most remarkable coup.

    Shorty: The biggest job of its kind since One-Eyed Dobson got away with the GIs' pay packets. Two million dollars, Grosvenor Square, 'forty-five.

    Henry Holland: That was before devaluation. And this is one million pounds.

    Shorty: Oh, that's right. Blimey. We've got the record!

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