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2022-04-09 08:01
The film is a work taken by Francis Albert Sinatra after he won the Oscars Supporting Actor Award for " Always " . He was nominated for the only Oscars Best Actor, but unfortunately lost to Ernest Borgnine of the dark horse film " Marty " . Sinatra's amazing performance as a drug addict in the film is also the first time Hollywood has portrayed drug use head-on. This controversial film impacted the film censorship system at that time and was of great significance to the broadening of the subject matter of Hollywood films .
The role of the protagonist was offered to Marlon Brando , but Sinatra struck it quicker, signing before Marlon Brando could answer.
With the exception of a few exterior locations on the set of Radio Keith Orpheum , the film was all shot in a single studio.
The movie poster was ranked 14th in Premiere magazine's list of the "25 Best Movie Posters of All Time".
Sinatra's name appears twice in Nelson Algren's original 1949 novel.
A poster for Director Preminger's previous film, Carmen Jones, can be seen in the opening scene of the film.
Sina Turner revealed in a conversation with Robert Osborne that the hand featured in the deal came from Milton Berle.
"The Man with the Golden Arm" saves more than two million people
The Man with the Golden Arm with a rare blood type has saved the lives of more than 2 million Infants in half a century . He is Commonwealth of Australia , 74-year-old James Knox Polk Harrison. He had an antibody in his blood that prevented Infant from dying from a lytic disease. Harrison has given birth to healthy Infants to countless mothers, including his own daughter, Tracy. Thanks to his father's blood Tracy has a healthy son.
Harrison, who started donating blood every few weeks at the age of 18, is now 74 years old and has donated blood 984 times in 56 years. When Harrison started donating blood, he was given $1 million in Commonwealth of Australia life insurance because his blood was so precious. People also nicknamed him "The Man with the Golden Arm". Harrison's blood helped scientists develop a vaccine called anti-D.
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  • Giuseppe 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    A slice below expectations. The text is almost confined to the category of drug admonitions. But Sina Chuan is very moving. Otto Preminger's films make it hard for me to truly love, like Laura. . . He's a bit like Hitchcock, in what they know, they can be very old-fashioned with their eyes closed, but so far, the meaning is neither deep nor expanded, just stuck in place.

  • Irving 2022-04-09 08:01:02

    Wonderful soundtrack and photography, all kinds of clichés in the plot, but involving drug addiction, the filmmaker's courage is full score

The Man with the Golden Arm quotes

  • Louie: Don't give me lip you cheap little hustler.

    Sparrow: Hustler, schmustler, I'm legit compared to some. Ain't no fourteen-year-old junkies waitin' around to see me.

  • Louie: You know what's eating at you. You shot off the mouth about kicking it for keeps. So now you're ashamed for even thinkin' well, what you're thinkin'. Ain't that right? You know I don't talk about my customers, so who'll be the wiser? Why fight it dealer, for whom, for what? Come over my place. What do you say?

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