The Mistress of Spices movie plot

2022-01-28 08:19
version one
"The Mistress of Spices" describes a young and beautiful Thilo who is born with the ability to see things that others cannot. Since she was a child, she has caused disasters because of her extraordinary abilities, and her whole family was killed by robbers. She survived the death by being washed to a small island by the sea, and accidentally became the disciple of the Spice Witch. On that small island, Tilo received strict training and became a spice witch, who can help others to be happy through spices. After learning the art successfully, the Spice Witch sends her disciples all over the world, hoping to bring good things to people. And Thilo moved to Los Angeles, where he opened a spice shop.
Tilo in Xiuwaihui is supposed to have no shortage of ministers under the skirt, but unfortunately, there are gains and losses. As a spice witch, Thilo must give up his happiness and abide by the rules set by the spice god: you can only heal others, not yourself; you can't leave the spice shop; you can't have skin-to-skin relationship with others. Day by day, Thilo grew up day by day, and finally became a woman with amazing beauty. She is very familiar with spices and has helped many people with it. Therefore, her business is also very good, and people love to patronize her spice shop. But the world is full of wonders, the more you don't want love, the more God wants you to love to the death!
Life was peaceful until the handsome and handsome Doug fell down in front of her store with his car. In order to take care of Doug's wound, Tillo had to break his ring to help him bandage the wound and touch other people's skin. This incident disrupted Tilo's life, and ripples of love appeared in his heart. But if she accepts love, Thilo will lose the help of the spice god and will harm her patients. The Spice Witch bitterly told her to stay away from Doug, or else she would be punished by the Spice God. Thilo was in a dilemma, longing for love and not wanting his patients to be dragged down by him.
So she asked the Spice God to give her another chance, and after a good night with Doug, Tillo decided to close the spice shop, stay away from Doug forever, and be devoted to the Spice God ever since. On the day he decided to leave, Thilo tried his best to help all the patients and make them happy. Just when she decided to give up love, she finally got the forgiveness of the spice god. Tillot, who was almost killed in the fire, was rescued by Doug. The two finally learned about their love for each other, and Tilo finally had both the Spice God and Doug at the same time.
Version 2
Tianlu (played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) is a very talented spice master, and a dazzling array of spices seems to be adapted to magical magic in her hands, and she expects to be cured. One day, a man named Doug (Dylan McDermott) drove into Tianlu's spice shop. In order to rescue the injured man, Tianlu had to touch Doug's skin.
This seemingly innocuous contact has a different meaning for Tian Lu, because as a spice master, she has three principles that cannot be broken no matter what, one of which is that she cannot have any skin with the opposite sex. Relatives, if this taboo is broken, very terrible things will happen. Doug soon fell in love with this beautiful woman who saved lives and helped the wounded, and the pure and kind Tianlu couldn't control the turbulent feelings in her heart. In front of the absolutely unbreakable principle, one side is career, the other side is love, Tianlu doesn't know how to choose.
Version three
Tianlu (Aisviali) is young and beautiful. She has received professional spice training since she was a child. She can use spices to cure all diseases. Tianlu in Xiuwaihui is supposed to have no shortage of ministers under the skirt, but unfortunately, there are gains and losses. To help others, you must give up your own happiness. It turns out that there are rules of conduct. If Tianlu uses spices to cure all diseases, it must abide by three principles:
1. Spices can only heal people but not themselves
2. Avoid any skin-to-skin
3. Can't leave the spice shop "Spice Bazaar"
Suddenly one day, Prince Charming, Doug, and his car crashed into the door desperately. In order to take care of the handsome man's wound, Tianlu had to break the ring. Who knew that it would be out of control when he touched it. Ripples.
Spices and herbs are bitterly trying to tell Tianlu to stay away from pretty boys. Otherwise, the medicine stone has no effect. When you are happy, the patient suffers. Tianlu is in a dilemma. Love is not, and love is not. How does Doug know the inside story behind this, and go forward to pursue a strong pursuit. 
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  • Stone 2022-01-28 08:19:02

    Rotten magic, discipline and plot. Beauty is really beautiful.

  • Angel 2022-04-21 09:03:32

    Love all kinds of spices...

The Mistress of Spices quotes

  • Tilo: Fenugreek, Tuesday's spice, when the air is green like mosses after rain.

  • Tilo: Fennel, which is the spice for Wednesdays, the day of averages, of middle-aged people... Fennel... smelling of changes to come.

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