The Mole Agent movie plot

2022-07-13 15:15
In order to find out whether the nursing home is abusing the elderly, Sergio, an amateur in his 80s, was hired by a detective company and moved into the nursing home. During the three-month operation, Uncle Sai not only mastered superb undercover skills, but also captured the hearts of many grandmothers in the hospital and became a big star in the nursing home. With the deepening of the investigation, he found that the incident was far from being as simple as the outsiders thought. In "Master Detective Competition", the director cleverly borrowed the perspective of an outsider, Sergio, to secretly observe the daily life of the elderly in the nursing home, and explore the poignant stories behind their seemingly strange behaviors. 
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The Mole Agent quotes

  • Petita: Life is cruel, after all.

  • Sergio Chamy: If you feel like crying, just cry.

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